Oneworld Status Match Opportunities For Airberlin Topbonus Members

Airberlin as an airline will close the shop this week. The last flight should operate this coming Friday. NIKI, the Austrian arm, will continue fly.


There are now several official matches from number of Oneworld airlines that are trying to get Topbonus elite members to match their status. Topbonus as a program may continue to exist as Etihad owns 70% of it. The most obvious choice would be for Etihad simply to merge it with their Guest.

S7 Airlines Now Matching Airberlin Topbonus Status


S7 Airlines, officially Siberia Airlines, has now joined other Oneworld airlines that are offering status matches to Airberlin Topbonus members but with a twist.

S7 Oneworld Sapphire

S7 Airlines matches the equivalent status on their own programs + if you have credited S7 flights to Topbonus between October 1 – September 30, 2017, they will credit the miles to your new accounts (as long as your supply them your account statement).

Oneworld Sapphire Status On Sale For $260 Per Month


S7 Airlines frequent flier program has now begun to sell its Gold status for 15K RUB ($261) for month that maps to Oneworld Sapphire.

S7 Oneworld Sapphire

There is no requirement to purchase this to 12 months at a time but you can rather buy it on month to month.

S7 Airlines Again Available For Award Bookings On British Airways’ Website

British Airways has had a rocky year when it comes to booking some partner awards on its website.


Back in June, the airline removed the ability to book some Cathay Pacific and Dragonair awards within seven days of departure and in July made S7 awards disappear altogether, although one could continue to book them over the phone.

S7 Airlines No Longer Available For Booking On British Airways Website (Phone Only!)


British Airways seems to be very busy dropping airlines that Executive Club members can book awards on BA’s website using Avios.

British Airways Executive Club S7 Airlines Awards Using Avios

Last month, BA made booking some Cathay Pacific and Dragonair awards not available booking on its website within four days of departure (read more here). Now, BA has further “enhanced” its website by removing the ability to book S7 Airlines (Oneworld member) awards on its website altogether without any notice earlier this month.

Emirates Skywards S7 Airlines Partnership Commenced

Emirates Skywards has commended a frequent flier partnership with Russia based Oneworld Alliance member S7 Airlines (also known as Siberia Airlines).

Emirates Skywards S7 Airlines

Emirates Skywards members can now both earn and redeem miles on flights operated by S7 Airlines. There must be similar opportunity for S7 Airlines frequent fliers as well to earn and burn on Emirates.

SriLankan Airlines Double Awards Miles Oneworld Promo May 15 – June 30, 2014


SriLankan Airlines is joining the Oneworld Alliance on May 1, 2014.

SriLankan Airlines Oneworld Alliance Double Miles Campaign May 15 June 30 2014

Oneworld Alliance members always have a promo offering double award miles on new member’s flights for few weeks after the joining.

Qatar Airways & Oneworld Alliance Airlines’ Double Miles Offers + Lounge Access In Doha


Qatar Airways officially joins the Oneworld alliance on October 30, 2013. Traditionally Oneworld frequent fliers have received double miles for the entrants flight for two month period and vice versa.


This tradition continues with the joining of the Qatar Airways into the Oneworld alliance.

JAL S7 (Siberian) Airlines Economy Award Promotion


Japan Airlines has an interesting offer for discount award tickets in economy on S7 Airlines (also known as Siberian Airlines) for travel between October 1, 2013, and September 30, 2014.


S7 Airlines has interesting route network in Eastern Russia and that is the reason likely for this award flight promotion.

Oneworld Alliance Carrier Bonuses for Malaysia Airlines Flights Feb 15 to Apr 15

Most of the Oneworld alliance airlines are offering double award miles on Malaysia Airlines flights between February 15 to April 15, 2013. Some of the programs require you to register for this promotion in advance while others have enrolled all their members.


Malaysia Airlines joined the Oneworld Alliance on February 1, 2013. You can take advantage of alliance wide status benefits that you may have with one of the members when flying on Malaysia.

Extra Baggage Allowance & Fast Track Security New Oneworld Emerald Benefits

Oneworld alliance top tier frequent fliers have been in disadvantage compared to their Star Alliance equivalent ones when it came to extra luggage allowance based on the frequent flier status.


Now, Oneworld alliance has announced that both extra luggage allowance (one piece or extra 20 kilos) will apply across all Oneworld alliance carriers and passengers will also have an access to fast track security lanes where available.

Qatar Airways Joins Oneworld in 2013/2014


There has been lot of noise in the past two weeks about the press conference that was going to take place in New York today. The CEO of Qatar Airways denied that the airline would have been joining the alliance last week contradictory what was published on Financial Times.

oneworld invites Qatar Airways on board

The airline is indeed joining the Oneworld alliance and completion of becoming a member is expected to take from 12 to 18 months. So, we are looking late 2013 or early 2014 as likely official joining date for Qatar. You can access the official Oneworld press release here.


Currently the oneworld alliance consists of eleven member airlines; airberlin, American Airlines, British Airways, Cathay Pacific, Finnair, Iberia, Japan Airlines, LAN, Qantas, Royal Jordanian and S7 Airlines.


Malaysian Airlines and SriLankan Airlines are currently in the process of joining the alliance. Oneworld alliance member Malev went bankrupt earlier this year and the joining of Kingfisher Airlines was cancelled due to its financial difficulties.

Qatar is the first of the big three of the Middle Eastern carriers to join an alliance. Emirates has always said that they are not interested in joining and they just formed a partnership with oneworld member airline Qantas. Etihad announced earlier today the deep codesharing agreement that they are going forward with Air France-KLM.

It is interesting that Qatar chose Oneworld. It has had more frequent flier ties with Star Alliance carriers like United, US Airways, and BMI than with oneworld ones (none).

Qatar Airways route network


The airline already serves 120 destinations worldwide. The latest one was reintroduction of flights to Yangon, the capitol of Myanmar, last week.



The airline flies to New York, Washington DC, Chicago (in 2013), Houston, Montreal and to Sao Paulo with a continuing service to Buenos Aires.

Europe, North Africa & Middle East


The airline serves more than 30 destinations on continental Europe. The airline has an extensive network in Northern Africa and in the Middle East.



The airline serves nine destinations in Central and Southern Africa + Seychelles.

Indian Subcontinent & Asia


The airline servers number of destinations in India and Asia.



The airline currently serves both Perth and Melbourne


This is interesting movie from Qatar’s part. We’ll see if Star Alliance is able to lure either Emirates or Etihad. For the most part, I have liked the service that I have received on Qatar flights. I am not huge fan of the transfer experience in Doha, but it should get better in 2013 when the new airport is ready.

Double Miles on All Oneworld Carrier Programs for Airberlin Flights

To celebrate the newest member of the alliance not only are Airberlin Topbonus members getting double miles on Oneworld alliance flights, but also all Oneworld carriers are offering double miles for Airberlin flights.


Oneworld made an announcement about this:

Members of American Airlines, British Airways, Cathay Pacific, Finnair, Iberia, Japan Airlines, LAN Airlines, Qantas, Royal Jordanian and S7’s frequent flyer programmes will earn double the normal mileage awards when flying on eligible airberlin flights from today until 15 May 2012.

Now here’s the tricky part. Some of the airlines require you to register for this double miles promotion and some do not. I went just through all the websites to find more information.

American Airlines AAdvantage: You need to register to get double miles credited for Airberlin flights. You can do it here.


British Airways: No need to register to get double miles. You can find more info about this partnership here.


Cathay Pacific: You need to register for this promotion to get double Asiamiles. You can do it here.


Finnair: No information about the Airberlin offer on There is only generic webpage dedicated to Airberlin that you can access here.

Iberia: No registration required. You can find more information here.


Japan Airlines: Registration is required. You can do it here.


LAN: Unfortunately there is no information available. Airberlin’s logo is visible on the Oneworld section, but then entirely missing on the earning of miles side that you can access here.

Qantas: Registration is required. You can do it here.


Royal Jordanian: No info about Airberlin found.

S7 (Siberian Airlines): Page dedicated to Airberlin, but no info about double miles offer.

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