Abu Dhabi Adds UK To The List Of Green Countries

Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and the home of the national airline of Etihad, is not as popular tourism destination as its neighboring Emirate Dubai.

Abu Dhabi has slowly expanded the number of Green countries from which mandatory quarantine of 10 days is not required, and today added the UK to the list, despite the UAE being on the UK’s list of RED countries from which 10-night quarantine is required for returning passengers.

Henley Releases Its Most Latest Passport Strength Index

Henley & Partners, whose primary business is to facilitate cash & investment-based citizenship for those with “troubled” travel documents, have released its latest global Passport Index in cooperation with IATA.

You could argue that the index is mostly useless for the next 12 to 24 months when most of the borders are staying closed, or you need various proofs of vaccination, Covid-19 tests, or extensive quarantines.

UK Adds India To The Red Countries (Mandatory Hotel Quarantine)


The UK (England) has added India to the RED list of countries where arrivals by non-citizens and residents are banned.

All arrivals from April 23, 2021, at 4 AM, must go through a 10-night hotel quarantine at a government-approved facility. The UAE is also still on the RED list.

Greece Is Again Open For Tourism With 24-Hour Curfew& Movement Restrictions In Place Between Regions


Greece is welcoming tourists from today that either need to provide a negative Covid-19 PCR-RT test performed not more than 72-hours of arrival or be fully vaccinated with whatever vaccine, including the not so effective Sinopharm.

I am not sure what this pilot entails because there is a nationwide 24-hour curfew, and travel between regions is banned. You are allowed to leave your place once or twice a day by sending an SMS first to a designated purpose (to buy food or medication).

European Parliament To Vote About Covid Passports On April 28, 2021


European Council this past week agreed on the European Commission proposal for Digital Green Certificates (read covid passports) that each member state would be required to issue for its citizens and residents.

European Parliament will cast its vote on April 28, 2021. The plan is to have these interoperable Digital Green Passports issued by each member state + Iceland, Norway, Liechtenstein, and Switzerland, ready by mid-June.

Australians Can Now Freely Exit Country Via New Zealand


Australia has required its citizens and permanent residents to apply for a permit to leave, but this is now possible via New Zealand through the travel bubble without going through the permission route.

Auckland New Zealand

The Trans-Tasman travel bubble is now officially open, allowing those that have been in New Zealand or Australia for a minimum of 14 days to travel between these two countries freely.

Thai Government Forced To Abandon “Phuket Sandbox” Timeline Of Welcoming Vaccinated Tourists From July 1, 2021


Last month panel of government officials has approved a plan that was supposed to pave the way to open Phuket island to foreign visitors without quarantine as long as they have received a vaccine.

This plan has now once again hit a roadblock as the the strong resurgence of Covid-19 requires the government to divert the few vaccine doses they have available to the mainland instead of the islands.

Spain To Allow EU Travelers To Enter Without Quarantine & Covid-19 Test


Spain is trying to save the 2021 Summer Season after disastrous 2020 that saw the lowest number of incoming tourists in 50 years.

Citizens and residents of the EU can arrive without quarantine or Covid-19 tests if they have a “digital green certificate” or vaccine passport. Spain also plans to allow certain third-country nationals in, who are on the EU’s not welcomed list if EU/Schengen cannot come up with a solution to open the outer border.

French Polynesia Plans To Reopen For Leisure Arrivals On May 1, 2021

French Polynesia closed its borders for leisure arrivals on February 3 and announced last week that they plan to welcome visitors again from May 1, 2021.

It is unclear whether visitors need to have proof of having vaccinated against Covid-19, recovered from the virus, or if the PCR-RT test is enough to enter the islands.

Australia May Not Fully Reopen Until 2024


On its most recent Access Economics’ quarterly outlook, Deloitte expects Australia to restrict in- and outbound travel for longer than previously expected and that the mandatory quarantine is here to stay for some time.

Australia and New Zealand are scheduled to open a Trans-Tasman bubble a week from now to allow travel quarantine free between these two countries.

UK Releases Proposed Traffic Light System For International Travel


The UK (England other parts may join) on Friday released a framework that could be used to reopen international travel from May 17, 2021, at the earliest. Leisure travel out of the UK is banned at the moment.

The plan in 2020 was all about Travel Corridors, but the emphasis in 2021 among many countries is a Traffic Light system of Green, Yellow, and Amber.

Louis Vuitton Plane Shaped Handbag For $39,000


Louis Vuitton and Virgin Abloh have come up with an ultimate accessory for your Spirit, Ryanair, or Jetstar flights.

You can soon buy an airplane-shaped handbag, see four engines, for merely $39,000 plus sales tax. This is part of Louis Vuitton’s Fall-Winter 2021 collection.

Trans-Tasman Travel Bubble Starts On April 19, 2021


There have been talks about a Trans-Tasman travel bubble since mid-2020, and Kiwis have already been welcomed to many Australian states but have needed to quarantine upon returning to New Zealand.

Now, there will be a two-way Travel Bubble between Trans-Tasman (Australia and New Zealand) from April 19, 2021, but possible passengers should be aware that they may end up stranded or isolated after returning to New Zealand in case of outbreaks.

Singapore To Accept IATA’s Travel Pass


Airlines, countries, and passengers face ever-changing requirements for Covid-19 vaccination and test requirements and what is real and what is not (there are fake ones around).

IATA has developed an industry-wide solution called Travel Pass that can be used from tests and vaccinations to airlines and countries to check their validity. Now, Singapore has decided to accept IATA Travel Pass.

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