Be Careful With Duty Free Limit When Bringing Alcohol To Thailand – 75,000 THB Fine!


A LoyaltyLobby reader dropped me a link to an article that had appeared on Coconuts about a group that had purchased whiskey at the duty free in Singapore, got caught by the customs in Thailand and was fined $$$$.

Thailand Duty Free Limit

Alcohol is highly taxed/dutied item in Thailand and thus customs people are on look for people appearing to be bringing in excess amounts.

Cubana Flight Crashes After Taking Off from Havana (HAV) Airport

The media is reporting that a B737 operaiting a domestic flight for Cuba’s flag carrier Cubana de Aviación crashed right after taking off from Havana this morning.

By Happypepe [GFDL ( or CC BY-SA 4.0 (], from Wikimedia Commons
Flight CU972 was scheduled to depart on Friday May 18 at 11am local time (5pm CEST) from Havana’s Jose Martí  International airport (HAV) and land 80 minutes later in Holguín (HOG) carrying 104 passengers and 9 crew members.

Swedish Commuter Airline NextJet Files For Bankruptcy

Swedish airline NextJet has today filed for bankruptcy after ceasing all flight activity yesterday afternoon. The airline operated commuter routes mainly within northern Sweden and some crossborder flights to Norway and Finland.


Passengers are advised to request chargeback for tickets paid using a credit card or contact agencies that issued their tickets.

IdeaWorks Airline Reward Seat Availability Survey For 2018


IdeaWorks today released their 9th annual Rewards Seat Availability Survey that I thought would be interest for LoyaltyLobby readers, although it only covers economy awards.

Rewards Availability Survey

The survey chooses top routes for each airline and then searches awards for two passengers at the time and for 250 to 2,500 miles and over 2,500 miles routes.

Vulnerability On Vingcard’s Vision Locks (Hackers Can Make Master Keys)

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It shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that the RFID lock systems that the hotels use aren’t as secure as they should and master keys can be produced using inexpensive hardware that then can be used to access any room or facility.

Finnish security researchers were able to find a vulnerability on Vingcard’s previous generation Vision locks that are in wide use and can basically generate master key using discarded key card within a minute or so.

Hi Fly Acquires Two A380s Previously Used By Singapore Airlines

Hi Fly today confirmed what had already been rumored for months. The airline that offers wet lease services to airlines such as Finnair and Air New Zealand had acquired two used A380s that Singapore Airlines had returned to the lessor.

Hi Fly A380

These aircraft are in Singapore Airlines configuration including first class suites, business and economy class cabins. The capacity is 471 seats when in full economy class configuration A380 could theoretically carry close to double.

Bloomberg: “Airlines Are Asking the Trump Administration to Bring Back Hidden Fees”


Bloomberg had very interesting story up on its website today about US airlines and their quest to lobby the current government to get “full-fare advertising” and requirement to show on-time flight and cancellation information canned.

Bloomberg “Airlines Are Asking the Trump Administration to Bring Back Hidden Fees”

Airlines around the world try to do their best to obfuscate the price of their product. In many countries, the airlines advertise very low headline prices and then add their hefty fees and government taxes. No traveler wants this.

Singapore Changi Airport Passenger Fees Going Up From July 1, 2018


A LoyaltyLobby reader dropped me a link to an article on the Straits Times (Singaporean newspaper) that dealt with passenger and usage fee increases that will take place on July 1, 2018.

Singapore Changi Terminal 5 2030

The airport is supposedly using this fee increase to fund the building of terminal 5 that is perhaps ready around 2030 and has higher capacity that the current terminals 1, 2 and 3 combined. The fees are same for all airlines (there were plans to have tiered system for full and low cost airlines).

Saudi Arabia To Start Issuing Tourist Visas April 2018 Including For Solo Female Travelers Over 25


Saudi Arabia has big plans to attract leisure travelers and is also turning 50 read sea islands to luxury tourist resorts where strict Islamic rules wouldn’t apply (think of alcohol and bikinis).

Saudi Arabia Tourist Visas

The Kingdom is again starting to issue tourist visas for travelers wishing to visit the leisure sites and for the first time female solo travelers are also eligible if they are over 25 years of age (younger ones need to be accompanied by a family members).

Watch Out For Possible Flight Delays & Cancellations At London & UK Airport February 26 – March 1, 2018


Europe has been hit with late winter weather this February that is affecting UK this coming week and may affect air traffic (we all know how well equipped BA is to handle deicing).


UK Met Office has issued warnings for Monday to Thursday for snowfall across the UK that may result in road closures, train and air traffic disruptions. BA has not issued travel waiver or cancelled flights yet.

Waldorf Astoria Owner Anbang Seized By The Chinese Regulators


Waldorf Astoria in New York that was Hilton’s flagship property that closed its doors last year for renovations and condo conversions is probably soon looking for a new owner.

Anbang that was on a foreign shopping spree and bidding for the control of Starwood has been seized by the Chinese authorities. The insurance company owns several other hotel properties such as InterContinental Chicago, JW Marriott Essex House and Westin St. Francis via Strategic Hotels & resorts.

Iran Aseman Airlines Plane Crash: All 66 Passengers And Crew Members Assumed Dead

It has been been a bad week for commercial aviation. First the Russian plane went down exactly a week ago (read more here) and now Iran Aseman Airlines plane carrying 60 passengers including one infant and six crew members has crashed into Mount Dena.

Iran Aseman Airlines

Aseman Airlines flight EP3704 left from Tehran early hours on Sunday morning destined to Yasuj roughly 800 kilometers south of the capital.

Saratov Airlines Plane Crashes Near Moscow All Passengers Dead

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Saratov Airlines flight 6W 703 from Moscow’s Domodedovo airport to Orsk crashed shortly after take off on Sunday and all 71 people on board are assumed dead (65 passengers and 6 crew).

Saratov Airlines

The short-haul regional flight was operated by Antonov AN-148 aircraft. The aircraft went down on the countryside outside of Moscow.

State Of Emergency Declared In Maldives – Travel Warnings Issued


President of Maldives, whose cabinet is in danger losing looming elections later in the year, has declared State of Emergency after highest court had ordered opposition politicians freed from prison.


State of Emergency is supposedly going to last for 15 days. Several countries have issued travel warnings for those wishing to travel this island nation that is heavily dependent of high end tourism.

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