The Economist: Free Economy Plus Seating Upon Availability – An Option?


Why do premium seats stay empty and should passengers be moved to Economy Plus (Premium Economy) seats free of charge when those are available upon departure?

Economy Class

Some say ‘why not?’ while others (paying passengers) refuse such an option as it undermines the pricing structure and their own investment in a premium seat.

Rapper ‘Mos Def’ Arrested In South Africa For Using ‘World Passport’ At Immigration


Have you ever entertained the (extravagant) thought that everyone in the world could just hold the same passport and is allowed to roam freely? Today’s story about World Passports elaborates on this idea.

World Passport

A U.S. born musician who goes by ‘Mos Def’ entered South Africa on his U.S. passport (which he since renounced) and was arrested / detained after he attempted to leave the country on a World Passport.

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