New Alternative For Affordable Asia-/Worldwide Roaming (incl Generous Data Package) With Travel SIM From TRUE Thailand

Traveling can be challenging or expensive without an adequate mobile roaming option in order to stay connecting when traveling, especially in China where social media, messengers and Skype are blocked.

We have covered prepaid data roaming options several times before and now found a new product from TRUE Mobile Thailand that includes not only different countries but also a generous amount of data.

Egypt Now Offers E-Visa To Travelers Seeking To Circumvent Visa On Arrival Process


Visitors to Egypt are used to purchasing a visa label at the currency exchange booths upon each arrival as part of the visa on arrival process but now Egypt has finally rolled out their e-Visa system.

Those who wish to circumvent the visa on arrival process can now process and pay for their visa online ahead of their trip at the same cost.

Paljon Onnea Satavuotiaalle Suomelle! Finland’s Centennial Celebrations!


Finland is celebrating its 100th anniversary of independence today December 6, 2017. I spent the last weekend in Helsinki with friends from the US and Europe taking part of the celebrations.

Finland 100 Years

Finland was under the Swedish and Russian rules for several hundred years and gained its independence during the Bolshevik revolution in Russia.

Bali Ngurah Rai International Airport Remains Closed At Least Until 7AM On Wednesday November 29, 2017


The Ngurah Rai International Airport in Bali remains closed at least until 7AM on Wednesday November 29, 2017, due to volcanic ash cloud from the Mount Agung that erupted earlier.

Passengers that are stranded in Bali should stay put or find their way to Surabaya where there are air links to Singapore and Jakarta. Even if the airport opens for traffic at 7AM on Wednesday it will take some time for the airlines to get their operations rolling and passenger backlog resolved.

Bali Volcano Mt. Agung Erupts For The Second Time, Highest Aviation Warning Issued


Indonesia’s Volcanology and Geological Disaster Mitigation Centre has issued the highest aviation warning this morning by upgrading the flight alert level from orange to red for flights above and around Bali Island.

This comes following the second eruption of the Mount Agung volcano on the Island of Bali where volcanoes have caused disruptions in air traffic and evacuations on the ground in the past.

Our Guide to Black Friday 2017 Travel Offers and Sales on OTAs/Airlines/Hotels


It’s Black Friday, and after the food coma, there’s some shopping to be done! Airlines, hotel chains and online travel agencies are all jumping in the discounts and limited offers wagon much to the delight of us travelers.

So far we have covered some of the deals out there: Marriot Rewards 5-day cyber sale (access here), British Airways business class sale to North America (access here), SPG 5-day cyber sale (access here), Le Club AccorHotels black friday offers (access here, here and here), Choice Privilege 20% off sale (access here) and Fairmont e-gift card bonus sale (access here). Let’s take a look at some other deals available out there!

Happy Thanksgiving Day & Safe Travels From The LoyaltyLobby Team!


It’s Thanksgiving Day again, one of the busiest travel periods in the United States that comes with both stressful situations but also good shopping opportunities in the travel sector.

Many hotels, airlines and their loyalty programs will have deals in the coming days so after having a nice turkey dinner in the circle of your family maybe you should look out what they have in store this year.

Original Routing Credit: Why It Can Pay Off To Ask For A Different Airline When Experiencing Irregular Operations


Every so often travelers experience interruptions in their travel plans when flights are delayed or cancelled and then people might find themselves rebooked on a different airline than originally booked.

Even if the new flight is on a different alliance that doesn’t partner with your frequent flyer program there is still a way you can not only get the miles for your original booking but also double dip and earn miles at a second program.

Caution When Using In Room Cellphones Provided By The Hotel: Some Of Them Come With A Charge!


Over the past few years many hotels have started to provide cellphones with complimentary data and local calls to their guest so they can take them out to explore the city.

While many of these devices are complimentary (especially in Hong Kong) this isn’t always the case and travelers should be mindful of the possibility that some properties do charge money for the service and not too little.

Blast From The Past: Handwritten Flight Interruption Manifest After Delayed Malaysia Airlines Flight


Earlier today I had an interesting situation at Bangkok Airport as my Malaysia Airlines connection flight in Kuala Lumpur was delayed for 3.5 hours until 2:30am and I refused to take that flight.

I was subsequently moved to a direct Thai Airways flight but not properly rebooked via eticket, instead they issued a relic from the old days of flying: A handwritten FIM receipt.

German Air Consumer Ombudsman Office SÖP Has A Month Long Backlog To Process Claims – Alternatives Available?


The German Air Consumer Ombudsman “Schlichtungsstelle fuer öffentlichen Personenverkehr e.V.” which we have recommended on multiple occasions seems to have a giant backlog to process filed claims.

It’s often recommended to use a mediation process instead of giving the case to an attorney or one of the claim services since those take a cut of the compensation due while mediation is for free.

BeVancouver Fall Promotion For C$125 Amex Gift Card + C$50 Each Additional Night In Vancouver Between October 30 – December 31, 2017

Vancouver Hotel Destination Association has launched a new BeVancouver promotion to get people to book Vancouver hotels this fall between October 30 – December 31, 2017.

Amex BeVancouver Offer Is Back

You can get up to C$125 gift card booking a stay (can be just a night) + C$50 for every additional night at number of Vancouver hotels.

Taiwan Introduces Frequent Visitor Program With Express Immigration Counters, Registration Now Open!

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Taiwan ROC has introduced a Frequent Visitor scheme where those who visited the country at least 3x in the past 12 months can register and use a designated ‘Express Immigration Lane’ for future visits.

This program will not extend to the electronic gates but rather supply frequent visitors with special counter to line up at after a successful online registration for the program.

Pittsburgh Airport Is Offering Airside Terminal Access To Non-Ticketed Passengers Again


Remember the days when you were able to accompany your loved ones to the gate or pick them up right there upon arrival? Pittsburgh Airport is now offering airside terminal access again even if you don’t have a ticket!

Pittsburgh International Airport has rolled out my myPITpass that allows the public to enter the secure terminal area after registration and ID document verification.

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