Wallet Left Behind: Case Sheraton Buganvilias Puerto Vallarta


How often do you mistakenly leave things behind, and what, when staying at hotels?

I have to say that I rarely, if ever, leave anything of value behind because I don’t spread my things around, and I rarely (less than a handful of times a year) use the in-room safe.

Reminder To Ask Your Travel Health Insurance For A Certificate Of Coverage For Covid Treatment If Eligible


With countries sporadically opening up for tourism again many if not most now require to show proof of health insurance coverage (including Covid-19 treatment) so it’s recommended to contact your health insurance and ask them to provide certification.

Most travelers have either a regular health insurance or a travel insurance that could issue such a letter, however it’s important that such a letter is noted with Covid treatment to be included.

Thai Hospitality Tycoon, Academics Lobby For Safe Reopening Of Phuket & Thai Tourism Sector


One of Thailand’s most prolific businessmen, American-born Bill Heinecke who is the founder of MINOR Group which owns hotel brands such as Anantara has become more vocal in getting Thailand back on track to open for tourism by Fall of 2021.

In a recent round table discussion with Phuket officials, the Phuket Tourist Association and local academics Mr. Heinecke emphasized that it’s vital to get a working road map on the way in order to reopen at least Phuket to international tourists by October 1st.

UPDATE: UK Mandatory Hotel Quarantine For Returnees From 30 Red Zone Countries To Commence On February 15, 2021


The UK Government (PM Boris Johnson) announced last week that travelers arriving back to the UK from “Red Zone” designated countries will have to undergo mandatory hotel quarantine at their own cost and this system will now be in effect from February 15, 2021.

The government increased police presence at airports to probe travelers about their travel reasons and in some cases impose a fine in case the individuals can’t provide valid grounds for traveling based on a declaration.

Four Chinese Passengers Eat 66 Pounds Of Oranges At Check-In To Avoid Excess Baggage Fees


Another curiosity from airport tales in China was reported in the media this week as four men who were booked on a domestic flight in China had a bit too much baggage in the form of oranges – 66 pounds in excess!

Rather than paying for the excess baggage fee the four guys decided it’s better to boost their Vitamin C and they ate the entire 66 pounds of oranges right there in the departure hall.

UK Government Announces Mandatory Hotel Quarantine For Returnees From 30 Red Zone Countries


The UK Government (PM Boris Johnson) announced that travelers arriving back to the UK from “Red Zone” designated countries will have to undergo mandatory hotel quarantine at their own cost and policies are currently being worked out.

There will also be an increased police presence at airports to probe travelers about their travel reasons and possibly impose a fine in case they can’t provide valid grounds for traveling based on a declaration.

U.S. Covid Travel Ban Is Back On With List Expanded, Now Including South Africa


Later today on Monday, January 25th U.S. President Biden is expected to sign documents reinstating and expanding the EU/Schengen et al travel restrictions which President Trump rescinded in the last days of his administration.

Image by Thomas H. from Pixabay

The travel ban on most non-U.S. citizens traveling from the Schengen countries, UK and Brazil will now include South Africa which has developed into a severe Covid hotspot in recent months.

Travelers Flying (Or Returning) To The U.S. Might Face Self-Quarantine Requirement, Masks On Planes Now Mandatory


The new U.S. administration has started off their term by putting new rules in place that concern travel to and within the United States including touting a self quarantine period for all international arrivals and a new federal requirement to wear masks on planes.

Image by David Mark from Pixabay

Or course the airlines already require passengers to wear masks for months now and asking people to self-quarantine isn’t really enforceable in any way so in practice not much will change.

Why The LoyaltyLobby Team Has Ordered Their Set Of (The Cheapest) Tickets For The Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics


Japan has prepared and invested massive sums of money for the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics which ended up being cancelled last year and were postponed to Summer 2021 (July/August).

While it’s not 100% certain how (if) these games will be held there have been several ideas floating around about allowing spectators back into Japan despite the current strict immigration restrictions, one of which is to give a special permit to those holding Olympic tickets.

Taiwan Has Applied For Their Own U.S. Pre-Clearance Facility At Taoyuan Airport


Taipei’s Taoyuan International Airport could soon host it’s very own U.S. Customs and Border Protection pre-clearance facility after it was revealed they applied for it in fall of this year.

Following the model in Canada and the Caribbean there have been additional overseas pre-clearance facilities opened in Dublin as well as UAE’s Abu Dhabi airport where all passengers leaving for the U.S. will be processed and then arrive in the U.S. like domestic passengers.

Middle Eastern Countries Are Imposing New Border Traffic Restrictions Amid Fears Of New Virus Threat

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As fears of a new Coronavirus strain that’s allegedly more infectious are gripping Europe, several countries in the Middle East have also taken notice and are now sealing their borders again.

Oman Map

Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Oman have announced they will shut their borders all while UAE registered 1,226 new Covid cases all while airlines are thinning out their network for the coming days/weeks.

Canadian / U.S. Border Likely To Remain Closed Through (At Least) December 21, 2020


Sources have told the media that Canadian borders (land and air) will likely remain closed to non-essential travel for yet another month, extending the current measures through at least December 21, 2020.

Most foreign visitors are still banned from entering Canada and a 14-day quarantine requirement is imposed for those that do, including Canadian citizens.

Some German Citizens Are Now Suing The Government Over Costs For Repatriation Flights


When the Covid-19 crisis was in it’s infancy most governments have started a monumental effort to repatriate their citizens back home following border closures and cancellations by common carriers.

These repatriation flights aren’t usually free and some of the cost has to be covered by the passengers who sign a promissory note prior to the flight that they will reimburse the government at a determined cost – this is now causing big waves in Germany.

UK Government Announces England-wide One Month Lockdown Effective November 5, 2020 (Travel Ban Likely)


Prime Minister Boris Johnson has announced in a televised address that England will undergo another one month nationwide lockdown from November 5th which will likely see all personal travel banned unless for essential/work purposes.

If approved the measures will be introduced at 00:01 GMT on Thursday 5 November and remain in place until Wednesday 2 December.

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