U.S. Bound Passengers From South Korea Informed To Be At The Airport Up To FIVE Hours Prior To Departure Due To Security Checks


Passengers departing from South Korea to various destinations in the U.S. are being told to be at the airport as early as five hours prior to departure due to new security measures starting October 26th.

At the moment this only applies to departures of U.S. carriers where passengers will be subject to security interviews prior to check-in and boarding gate checks with the Korean carriers to follow.

Las Vegas Resorts Reaching Out To Their Guests, Being Thankful For Support – Keep Coming To Las Vegas!

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After the tragedy in Las Vegas the major hotel and casino companies have been reaching out to their guests, thanking them for their support and inviting them back to the city.

Usually after an incident like this demand for tourism cools off at least temporarily which for an entertainment destination like Las Vegas is especially difficult as the industry relies on visitors.

Chargeable Inflight Internet – The Good, The Bad & The Ugly Data Connections In The Skies


Most major international airlines are now offering paid Wifi on board their aircraft which passengers can purchase in order to do some work, use social media or otherwise just surf around the internet.

These paid Wifi options can vary greatly in price and also network quality as well as black out areas where the flight path leads over countries where the inflight wifi support if prohibited (India, China etc).

Fabulous Fridays: New Brand Name Luggage From The Premium Outlet At Large Discounts


This weeks Fabulous Friday is about purchasing new luggage items at various Premium Outlets available as well on online sales, offering large discounts over the average retail price.

I’ve been on the lookout for new carry on baggage and after doing plenty of research I was lucky when popping into the Tumi Outlet at the Las Vegas Premium Outlets (North).

American Airlines Announces a New Suite of Onboard Bedding by Casper


Last August I could try American Airline’s Business Class product on their B787-9 Dreamliner, and I was pleasantly surprised by both their soft and hard product on this plane (you can check my review here). My overall impression was that they were upping their game, compared with my previous experiences on their Business Class cabins.

And it looks like they are committed to the improvement path. Yesterday, during their annual Media & Investor Day, the airline announced their new partnership with Casper, a global sleep brand commissioned to improve the sleeping experience onboard American Airlines aircrafts.

Worldwide Check-In System Outage Due To Amadeus Error Causes Delays At Airports

An Amadeus network issue caused worldwide disruptions at airline check-in counters yesterday, leaving passengers waiting until all systems were operative again.

Due to the time difference some airports were more affected than others (depending on the location with the late night times obviously seeing the least departures).

Singaporean Airport Worker Charged In Court With 286 Counts Of Intentionally Changing Baggage Tags


An elderly man working at Singapore Changi Airport as a baggage handler has been charged in court with mischief after allegedly changing destination tags on passenger baggage, causing them to get lost.

Prosecutors blame the 63-year old for at least 286 counts of intentionally causing baggage to get lost and subsequently resulting in damages to the owners and airlines for recovery efforts.

TBT: Hotel Internet Vouchers & Data Limits!


The hotel internet connections have come along way in the past 20 years from being ridiculously expensive and bad to slowly being complimentary first to elite members and then to all (and sometimes very fast too!).

TBT Internet Vouchers

Can you remember when we had to deal with these internet vouchers that the hotel front desk used to hand out? Seems that at least some Protea hotels in South Africa still do!

How To Deal With Aircraft Swaps And Inferior Cabin Interior? Case ANA Flight NH116 Haneda-Vancouver


Sometimes airlines can be unpredictable and change their aircraft last minute or even in advance due to scheduling and this can come with the unpleasant surprise of an old, inferior cabin product.

Passengers are usually caught by surprise because most of the time the airline never informs them about such a swap of equipment and I found myself in just such a situation this week.

Tear Gas Attack At Frankfurt Airport Injures Six Passengers, No Suspects Or Source Identified Yet


A tear gars attack at Frankfurt Airport that left several people injured, respectively treated for breathing problems puzzles German authorities as they currently investigate where the substance came from.

The affected check-in area of Terminal 1 has been shut down and passengers evacuated while investigations continued, causing delays and confusion.

16 Thai Airlines Suspend Their Operations After Failing Regulators Safety Assessments


Thailand’s aviation safety woes continue as failed safety checks conducted by the national regulator has apparently caused 16 airlines registered in the country to lose their Air Operator Certificate (AOC).

Thailand got downgraded and ‘red flagged’ two years ago by the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) as their entire aviation sector including the countries airports did not meet safety standards.

Boston Logan Airport Explores Fees For Private Vehicles Dropping Passengers Off At The Airport Curbside


The era of new outrageous fees in the travel industry goes into another phase as Boston Logan Airport made the start to study the possibility of charging even private vehicles a fee when they drop off people.

If this will be implemented then you could find yourself opening the wallet every time you or a friend / family member is being dropped off at the airport.

Airport Transfer Options: Taxi, UBER, MyDriver Or Even Supershuttle… What’s The Best Choice?


There are many ways of how to organize your airport transfer and not always is one choice the only suitable option so which way offers the best value for money and reliability?

I’ve used pretty much every available way to utilize airport transfers over the years and while often public transport isn’t the most convenient choice it’s almost the most cost effective.

Update on Spain Airports: Barcelona Airport Strike Goes Nationwide


Earlier this month I wrote about the labor conflict between the security checkpoint personnel at Barcelona El Prat International Airport and their employer, a contractor of AENA, the semi-private company in charge of operating the vast majority of airports in Spanish territory (access here).

After the terror attacks of last week the local branch of the union decided to hit pause on their strike to assure a smooth operation of the airport in what have been very difficult days in the city. But the national union has decided to escalate the conflict nationwide, calling for industrial action in all Spanish airports from September 15.

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