Reminder: Always Double Check The Pricing For Your Hotel & Car Rental Reservations Closer To Your Travel Date – Big Savings!

Today I’d like to remind our readers that it can sometimes pay off to periodically check the pricing for certain flexible reservations again closer to the actual travel date and re-book at a lower rate.

Prices for certain things such as hotels and rental cars fluctuate all the time and you might be able to pick up a better deal by cancelling or just changing the rate of your existing reservation.

Hamburg Airport Closed For Entire Sunday (June 3rd, 2018) Due To Power Outage, All Flights Cancelled!

Germany’s Hamburg Airport has closed down for the entire Sunday due a power outage that crippled it’s operations and subsequently all flights have been cancelled.

Airport authorities have informed passengers that no more flight operations would be taking place today and that they should contact their airline for flight status and rebooking of their travel plans.

German Authorities Are Now Collecting Information For All Foreign Departures And Keep Data For Five Years


The German government has introduced new guidelines for the authorities who now (effective 25th May, 2018) collect and store a wide variety of passenger data including reservation details, passengers personal data and booking origin.

It’s not just the collection of the data that has privacy activists riled up but the provisions that allows authorities a carte blanche to analyze the data and also share it with other countries.

Lightning Strike Causes London-Stansted Airport Disruption, Hour Long Delays Expected – Watch Your Flight Status!

As thunderstorms and torrential rain swept across the UK overnight, London-Stansted Airport suffered a lightning strike disabling many systems including the fuel supply for all aircraft.

The system outage caused numerous delays, some of which are still ongoing. Departing passengers should check their flight status prior to going to Stansted Airport.

Hyatt With Big Expansion Plan In Taiwan: Park Hyatt & Andaz Taipei Scheduled For 2021 In Xinyi, Next To Current Grand Hyatt

Hyatt Hotels has managed to secure a site for two future hotels in Taiwan where both a Park Hyatt as well as an Andaz property will be accommodated in the planned Taipei Sky Tower by 2021.

The Sky Tower will cost one Billion US$ and the site has been secured right next to the Taipei 101 which is also where the Grand Hyatt Taipei is located.

Flight Attendants Up In Arms Over Passengers Who Take Their Carry On Baggage During Evacuations


When a Delta Air Lines jet had to be evacuated at Denver International Airport last week, passengers apparently once more ignored emergency instructions to leave their belongings behind on the plane.

As was the case in previous scenarios there was an outcry from flight attendants over the dangers associated with this kind of behavior.

My Belarus Visa Waiver Experience


Belarus relaxed the entry requirements for nationals from 80 countries in February 2017 (read more here) and I have tried to incorporate the country to my travel plans ever since.

Belarus Welcome Plane

I was in Amsterdam last week and decided to fly to Minsk for the weekend. Belavia offers direct flights between the cities but can be somewhat difficult to find OTAs willing to ticket.

Fabulous Fridays: Successful Travel Insurance Reimbursements For Emergencies On The Road


Our Fabulous Friday this week is about a topic that should be on every travelers mind but is often neglected: Having a proper travel insurance that covers emergencies and mishaps during the trip.

Travel insurance comes in all shapes and can either be acquired as a single trip policy, an annual plan covering all trips or it is included in a credit card product (mostly with premium cards).

Looking for a Flight from London Heathrow to a Galaxy Far Far Away? Today is your lucky day!

Today someone at London Heatrow decided to throw a massive geek day and embrace the force in full potential, offering flights to Tatooine, Jakku, Alderaan and the Death Star (among other galactical destinations) in lieu of Star Wars day!

This morning, an additional departure board in London Heathrow listed some destinations in the Star Wars universe with plenty of winks to the franchise films. And if there ever was an internet competition over Star Wars day, they won it.

China to Start Fingerprinting Foreign Visitors At All Ports Of Entry Effective April 26, 2018


China Immigration apparently started to fingerprint all foreign visitors as of this week based on a notice Air Canada published on it’s website.

China has announced this measure already back in February as a plan to roll out gradual collection of biometric data from adult visitor.

Amsterdam Shiphol Airport Temporarily Closed Due To Power Outage, Expect Delays & Cancellations On Sunday


Passengers going through Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport today should expect serious delays after a total power outage last night forced officials to close the airport temporarily.

The airport has since reopened after power has been restored but delays and cancellations will likely drag on throughout the day.

Woman Falls Onto The Baggage Carousel At Moscow Airport While Reaching For Her Dog Carrier – Fined!


A female passenger that arrived at Moscow SVO Airport fell onto the baggage claim carousel while reaching to retrieve her dog carrier and ended up riding all the way into the luggage hold.

Her adventure didn’t end there though as airport authorities charged and fined her for damaging airport equipment.

Careful What You Carry: Colorado Woman Gets $500 Fine And Has Global Entry Status Revoked For Not Declaring Apple At Customs


An apple a day keeps Global Entry away… It’s no secret that U.S. entry regulations are quite stringent especially when it comes to customs and agriculture restrictions and just recently a CO based passenger had to experience this the hard way.

The passenger arrived at a U.S. point of entry from Paris on Delta Air Lines and the airline handed out fruits during the flight which the lady then decided to take off the plane, a decision that cost her $500.

European Court of Justice Rules That Airlines Are Liable For Passenger Compensation During ‘Wildcat Strikes’


The European Court of Justice has decided in a case involving German budget carrier TuiFly that encountered a Wildcat Strike in 2016 when employees called in sick en masse and ruled that the airline is liable for EC261 compensation payments.

This ruling could have widespread consequences for other European carriers that regularly encounter strikes and have so far been exempt from compensation payments as strikes were considered extraordinary circumstances.

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