The Economist: A Short History Of Hotels


The Economist magazine has a very good piece “A Short History Of Hotels” in the print edition this week that is also available on their website (access here).


It nicely describe the developments that the hotels have gone trough in the past couple of hundred years from the grand hotels to the recent developments with the IKEA’s partnership with Marriott launching the MOXY brand in Europe.

Reminder To Pay Attention To Taxi Meters In Bangkok


Couple of moths ago, I wrote about my taxi problems in Kuala Lumpur (read more here). I probably spent more than two months this year in Bangkok (my Asian base) and you rarely encounter dishonest taxis if you know what to look for.


Just word of warning. Someone got killed earlier in the year over taxi fare dispute in Bangkok (access the New York Post article and CCTV video here). So, remember to be careful.

Airlines In The News: Qantas On A Brink, Nok & Scoot To Launch NokScoot, China Airlines & Tiger to Launch Tiger Taiwan & AirAsia X Ordering More Planes


When I was watching Bloomberg News yesterday, there were plenty of airline related news that reflects the current state of air travel in Asia.


Qantas On The Brink

NY Times On Hotel Bathrooms


I couldn’t escape this piece on hotel bathrooms that is up on NY Times website (access here) and should be on the print edition this weekend as well.


It discusses the recent trends in hotel bathrooms and how designers are trying to better use the limited space. Also, the bathtubs seems to be on their way out (I never use them), although this is likely a space issue as well.

FCC (US) Considers Lifting In-flight Cell Phone Usage Ban


When I was watching BBC World News last night and later Bloomberg, I couldn’t escape the fact that the FCC in the United States was considering lifting the inflight cell phone usage ban. Here’s the piece on CNN about the issue (access here).


You can already use cell phones on number of airlines (Emirates comes to mind). You connect to a base station on the airplane and the call is charged to your cell phone bill. Cannot remember the minute charges, but I do remember them being rather high.

Art Series Hotels (Melbourne) Overstay Checkout-Promotion


LoyaltyLobby reader forwarded me a link to an interesting promotion from three Art Series hotels (Melbourne) that are part of GHA (Global Hotel Alliance), although they seem to have their own program as well.


The key of this promo is that you can request a late check out on the day of leaving and, based on the availability, you may not have to check out at all.

NY Times On Mattress Runs


There was an article the other day on NY Times (access here) about a novel concept of a hotel mattress run, where the guest just checks in to get a night/stay credit towards status with the program.


In the article the SPG spokesperson says that they see more such a activity towards the end of the calendar year (what a surprise?).

Business Travel In 2060 (White Paper)

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When I was browsing the Economist over the weekend, I came across one article (access here) about the business travel in the next 50 years that was based on a white paper published by AirPlus (download the white paper here).


Of course, nobody can tell for sure what the next 50 years will bring, but that doesn’t prevent someone coming up with scenarios.

beVancouver $75 Amex Gift Card Per Stay Promotion

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beVancouver is run by the Vancouver Hotel Destination Association (VHDA) that consists of 37 hotels in the downtown Vancouver, BC. To trump the business during the slower winter months the association is now offering $75 Amex gift card per stay.


This offer is valid for stays until February 28, 2014, that are booked by December 31, 2013. Note that the rates offered on beVancouver websites are not prepaid and are completely cancelable per the cancellation deadline.

SNL Comedy Skit: The Worst Lady On An Airplane


Two months ago, the SNL had a skit about airline priority boarding (access here). This time “the worst lady on an airplane” is giving out hints and tips for holiday travel.


The entire skit is hilarious and all the “tips” are those annoying things that some passengers do.

Complimentary LMTC (Last Minute Travel Club) 12-Month Membership


Last Minute Travel Club (LMTC) is part of Last Minute travel, but requires you to be a member before having access to their hotel prices.


Luckily, LMTC usually runs a promotion once a year for 12-month complimentary membership.

New Airline Seat Concept With Adjustable Seat Width


By now, LoyaltyLobby readers should know that I like the Economist magazine a lot for the quality content they produce. They had interesting piece on an airline seat concept (read more here) that was partially taken from another website Verge (read more here).


Seymourpowell has come up with a new design concept that would allow the airlines to sell the seat based on the width used.

Boeing 777X Launch


There is an interesting piece on the WSJ (read here) about the launch of the new Boeing 777X that should happen at the Dubai Airshow that starts tomorrow (November 17).


The plane is expected to hold 350 to 400 passengers and be ready for deployment sometime around 2020 (you never know with the new airplanes), although this is more of a derivative of the current 777 than a brand new model.

The Atlantic On Airline Fees (Economist Series Video)


The Atlantic has a video up on their site (access here) on “Economic In Plain English”-series about airlines fees and how they got so bad.

Atlantic Airline Fees
Atlantic Airline Fees

The main message on the video is that the fees got so bad because of us. How could it be?

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