Hotel Prices Getting Crazier In Brazil (Can They?)


Brazil is preparing to host the World Cup in 2014 and then the Olympics in 2016. The hotel prices have already gone through the roof in the past few years due to strong economic growth.


Now, the Brazilian tourism board has warned that the prices for those attending to the Wold Cup in June and July next year may face hotel prices that are six fold higher than usually. You can read more about this on Bloomberg’s article here.

WSJ Piece About Merchandise Rewards Using Miles


There was a piece on the WSJ this week by Scott McCartney about using airline miles for merchandise rewards such as hotel nights or car rentals (you can access the article here). This is about the worst way that you can use your miles. Period.


The article is partially based on a study done by IdeaWorks about Best Value Rewards using airlines miles that you can access here.

Lion Air Hits Cows

There was an accident earlier this year, when the Lion Air plane that was trying to land the Denpasar airport in Bali overshoot the runaway and land on shallow water. There was no casualties.


This times Lion Air flight from Jakarta to Gorntalo hit three cows killing one that had somehow found their way to the runway. You can read more about this on Bloomberg’s website here.

Christopher Elliott’s Latest Rant About Hotel Minibars On USAToday


LoyaltyLobby reader sent me a link to an article by Christopher Elliott on USAToday, where the author rants about the hotel minibars and would like to have them banned by law. You can access this article on USAToday’s website here.


I couldn’t disagree with Mr. Elliott more. Nobody forces the hotel guest to consumer something from the minibar. I consider them to be there in case that I need a diet soda late at night or maybe some orange juice. Should I go grocery shopping before checking in to a full service hotel?

Boeing’s Deamliner 787 Problems Continue: Ethiopian Fire & Thomson’s Technical Problems


London’s Heathrow airport was closed yesterday for 90 minutes due to a fire at Ethiopian’s 787 Dreamliner aircraft. There has been quite a bit of news coverage about this incident and you can read more on BBC’s website here and on ITV’s website here.


On a separate incident, Thomson’s Dreamliner that was bound for Florida from Manchester had to return to Manchester after unspecified technical problem.

Asiana OZ214 Seoul To San Francisco Crashes At Landing


Asiana flight OZ214 from Seoul to San Francisco crashed today while landing at the San Francisco international airport. According to the reports from the emergency personnel all the crew and passengers survived the crash.

Edit: Unfortunately, it didn’t turned out to be a crash without any fatalities, but it could have been far worse. It has been reported that two had died, 49 seriously insured of which 10 critically according to CBS San Francisco.


There are quite a few images after the crash taken by the passengers on Twitter and about burning plane on the usual news channels.

Flydubai To Introduce Business Class

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LoyaltyLobby reader forwarded me an email that he had received from flydubai about introduction of business class to their planes starting this autumn and eventually rolling it out to most routes.


Flydubai is Dubai based discount carrier that is owned by the Dubai Goverment that also owns Emirates. These two airlines are operated separately.

World Airline Awards 2013 (Read It And Weep)


In the past 24 hours, I have received number of emails from various airlines touting their winnings at the Skytrax orchestrated World Airline Awards that were given out this week. You can access World Airline Awards website here.


There are so many categories on these awards and most of them are further geographically divided that everybody won something.

Norwegian’s Rocky Long-haul Service Start?


There was an interesting piece on the Telegraph’s website (you can access the article here) about the complaints that the Norwegian discount carrier had received after launching its first long-haul flights.


Seems that they have taken the short-haul discount concept to long-haul flights and don’t provide ANY service without having to swipe your credit card first.

Nonworking Hotel Internet – Would You Stay Or Leave?


Would you stay or leave, if the hotel has a nonworking or unstable internet connection? I was faced with this question last week, when I was staying at the Glasgow Marriott hotel.


I checked in the morning, as I was coming from a transatlantic flight, and went straight to the executive lounge to have a breakfast. I already had problems logging in to the system that kept rejecting my room number and last name combo. Manager on Duty had to bring me a onetime use code.

Airbus A350’s Maiden Flight


Airbus A350 took it to the skies first time on Friday in Toulouse, France. The A350 flew around for four hours and landed.


There is a good piece about this maiden flight, the plane type in general and the competition from Boeing on Financial Times article that you can access here.

Bloomberg BusinessWeek Article On Airline Ancillary Revenue


There is a very interesting article on Bloomberg Businessweek about the ancillary revenues that the airlines are now collecting worldwide. You can access this article here.


Five years ago the ancillary fees that the airlines collected were just $2.5 billion and this grew to $36 billion in 2012. At the end of 2013, these fees are expected to represent 5% of all revenue collected by the airlines.

Accor Executive Caught Leaving Not So Favorable Reviews Of Rivals On TripAdvisor


Accor’s “Director of Propaganda” for Asia Pacific got caught last week for leaving glowing reviews of some Accor properties and not always so glowing ones of their rivals on TripAdvisor. You can read more about this on Telegraph’s website here and on Tnooz here.


I recently wrote about my ordeal with TripAdvisor here, where they didn’t publish a somewhat negative review of a property that I had stayed at.

Using Hotel Points In Copenhagen For Eurovision Song Contest In 2014


Not sure, when I was last time in Europe during the Eurovision song contest, but this year I was in Madrid and watched the show on TV. For those that are not familiar with this concept, it is a Europe wide song contest to which each of the EBU members send one band/singer and then the countries vote for the winner.


Nobody really takes this too seriously, as sometimes the performers are rather campy and borderline terrible, but it is fun to watch over few adult beverages.

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