Our Guide to Black Friday 2017 Travel Offers and Sales on OTAs/Airlines/Hotels


It’s Black Friday, and after the food coma, there’s some shopping to be done! Airlines, hotel chains and online travel agencies are all jumping in the discounts and limited offers wagon much to the delight of us travelers.

So far we have covered some of the deals out there: Marriot Rewards 5-day cyber sale (access here), British Airways business class sale to North America (access here), SPG 5-day cyber sale (access here), Le Club AccorHotels black friday offers (access here, here and here), Choice Privilege 20% off sale (access here) and Fairmont e-gift card bonus sale (access here). Let’s take a look at some other deals available out there!

Paid Economy Ticket Or Mileage Award In Premium Class – How To Decide When To Use Your Miles?


Today’s ‘food for thought’ article is about a difficult decision we often have to make when it comes to judge whether it’s worth it to use your miles or just purchase a low priced revenue ticket.

A few weeks ago I was confronted with the decision if I should burn through some of my coveted Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer miles or just buy a paid ticket in Economy as the price was extremely low.

What are the Latest Airport/Airline Strikes in Europe?


August is finally here, and for many Europeans (me included) this only means summer holidays. It’s peak travel season in the continent, with most airlines adding seasonal services to holiday destinations on top of their regular schedule.

August is also the favorite month of the year for European airlines/ground staff unions to strike. Let’s take a look on the latest strikes that will happen across the continent.

Reminder: Always Compare The Rates At Currency Exchange Booths To Avoid Being Ripped Off – Case: SCB Bangkok Airport


When flying out of Bangkok recently I stopped by one of their currency exchange booths to check if it makes sense to exchange a few Thai Baht against Indonesian Rupiah since there is often a long lineup at the ATM inside Bali Airport.

The rate that was offered by SCB was absolutely outrageous, compared to the real time rates they had a spread of 56% which is the worst rate I’ve ever seen in my life at such a booth.

Budget Travelers Can Now Stay At A Prison Themed Hostel In Bangkok – ‘Sook Station’


Travelers visiting Bangkok on a budget now have an option to experience a tuned down version of prison life when staying at the Sook Station Hostel in the upper Sukhumvit area.

The hostel probably doesn’t come close to a real prison, especially the infamous ‘Bangkok Hilton’ but it looks like a fun concept for people who don’t want to spend a lot while visiting the city.

Does Your Hotel Rate Include Breakfast? If Not, Here Is How To Save Some Money!


Many (if not most) guests like to have breakfast in the morning while staying at the hotel but rarely do the rates actually include breakfast from the start which can come costly if one doesn’t prepare.

There are many ways to tag on an extra breakfast benefit, from booking a package to using Elite benefits or adding a ‘breakfast option’ during the booking process.

U.S. Laptop Ban Expanding To Flights From Europe?


The Times was reporting this morning that the laptop ban that US instituted from select Muslim countries (read more here) may expand to include flights from select European countries.

US Laptop Ban Expanding To UK

The Trump administration seem to be unhappy that only UK of the European countries instituted laptop ban but from different set of countries than the US.

Would You Visit North Korea? I Will, This Week.


They are testing rocket engines for their nuclear warheads . The US government is sending a warship to the Korean peninsula. The newspapers are talking of an increased risk of accidental war. And I will be there this week hoping there are no major fireworks during my stay.

I was planning for a lovely Easter break in Tuscany when a friend of mine suggested to go to North Korea instead. He had been planning this trip for almost a year, and at the moment I thought that if I was ever to do such trip, better do it with people I know and trust.

Yes, They Still Exist: International Widebody Flights Without In-Seat Video Entertainment Systems In Economy Class!


Recently I wrote positively about routes operated by wide body aircraft when traveling short haul routes but there are also drawbacks at some airlines who operate these flights without in seat entertainment.

Especially in Economy Class it’s absolutely not a given to have your personal in seat entertainment system, even if your flight is operated by a wide body plane.

Reminder To Always Request Your Hotel Benefit Letter As Status Customer, Outlining Your On-Property Benefits


After having visited a few hotels in the UAE (Abu Dhabi to be precise) this week I want to remind our readers to always request a status benefit letter from hotels even if they don’t offer one outright.

While it’s very common to get welcome letters outlining the on-property benefits for status members of the respective hotel program, it doesn’t seem to be this way here in the UAE.

WARNING: Unscrupulous Taxis At Ho Chi Minh (SGN) Airport (Use Only Vinasun Or Mai Linh)


For the last few trips, I have always used either Uber or Grab when coming/going from/to Ho Chi Minh City airport in Vietnam.

WARNING Scrupulous Taxis At Ho Chi Minh (SGN) Airport (Use Only Vinasun Or Mai Linh)

Tourists are usually advised to only only use two taxi companies when in the city; Mai Linh or Vinasun. There are others as well, but if you stick with these two the chance of getting ripped of is very low.

The End (Of 2016) Is Near – Last Call To Check Your Accounts For Missing Stays/Miles For Elite Status Qualification


As the year is coming to a close once again it’s also the time when status counters will be reset and for most loyalty programs December 31st marks the point of the last qualifying elite transaction for 2016.


While a number of programs such as British Airways Executive Club have a flexible membership year based on your date of signing up most competitors count status qualifying activity Jan 1st to Dec 31st.

Make Sure To Carry A Working SIM Card To Receive Text Messages When Trying To Use Internet At Chinese Airports


Accessing the internet at locations in China is difficult as it comes with a lot of red tape that forces users to authenticate themselves when signing in at public networks such as airports.

china-internetThis authentication sometimes goes via registering the passport and receiving a code but sometimes when these are not available you require to register your phone number and receive a SMS code.

Hotel Point Purchases – Calendar Year Limits/Current Promotions

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As the end of the year approaches, we wanted to summarize the rules in most of the major hotel loyalty programs when it comes to purchasing points to use for award stays as well as talk about when it may make sense to buy points for each program.


Most hotel programs have an annual calendar limit on purchased points, and some currently have limited-time promotions on buying points, so it may be useful to take advantage of some of these before the end of the year or before these promotions expire.  Here is a summary by major hotel program.

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