United Airlines MileagePlus Recognition Miles (Holiday Edition)


United Airlines has a program for businesses to reward their employees or third parties with Mileage Plus miles starting at 2000 miles per recipient to up 100,000 per calendar year.

I wrote about this earlier this year as well, but United has now been sending out holiday themed emails about this program and I thought that it might be time to revisit this topic.


United is offering up to 25% discount on purchased miles OR Platinum status with United Club access. You can read more about this offer on United’s website here.

United MileagePlus Dining Offer: Up To 3,000 Bonus Miles For Two Dines (EXTENDED)


United’s MileagePlus Dining has extended the 3,000 bonus miles for two dines-offer until December 31, 2013. This offer was set to come to an end on October 31, 2013 (read my original piece here).


You get 1,500 bonus miles for your first and second dines for maximum bonus of 3,000 miles.

United MileagePlus Buy Miles Holiday Offer


It is early October and United has already rolled out their holiday offer for buying MileagePlus miles. This offer is valid for purchase made until December 31, 2013, and is offering 25% discount on the purchase price.


The maximum umber of miles that you can buy in a calendar year is maxed at 100,000. The price of a mile under this offer is 2.8 cents per miles that is too expensive.

United MileagePlus Shopping Offer: 500 Miles For Email Sign Up & 500 Miles For First Purchase (Targeted?)


United MileagePlus Shopping has an offer for signing up for shopping emails and making first purchase through the online mall for total of 1,000 bonus miles.

You can get the 500 miles for just signing up for the emails. You can unsubscribe once the miles have posted.


This offer is valid from October 3 to 17, 2013. You will get additional 500 bonus miles for making a cumulative qualifying purchase of $50 or more with MileagePlus Shopping retailer.

United MileagePlus Dining Offer: Up To 3,000 Bonus Miles For Two Dines


United’s MileagePlus Dining sent out an offer on Friday for members that don’t yet have an active Dining account for 3,000 bonus miles after two dines (minimum $40 spend per transaction).


You get 1,5000 bonus miles for your first and second dines for maximum bonus of 3,000 miles.

United Zero Fare Ticket Announcement: Honored

Yesterday, I wrote about United mishap where they lowered the base fare on many, if not all, domestic markets to zero. Tickets were issued and soon United took their website booking engine down for “maintenance”. You can read my piece about this here.


United just made the above announcement on Twitter. The tickets are honored as issued.

United At Its Finest Again – Loading Zero Base Fares For US Market


United blames “human” error for loading base fares at zero dollars for the US market yesterday that were bookable for about an hour midday.


The airline issued tickets and charged the security fees associated with these zero fare tickets. You can read more about this United mishap on Bloomberg’s website here and on Forbes’ website here.

Best Western United Mileage Plus Promotion: 750 Miles Per Stay + Gold Status

Best Western Rewards has a new promotion for United Mileage Plus members that can earn 750 miles per stay (250 base + 500 bonus) between September 10 and November 19, 2013.


Best Western Reward will also upgrade your status to Gold. You can access and register for this offer on Best Western’s website here.

United Airlines September 2013 Buy Miles Offer: “People Power” With Up To 60% Bonus

United Airlines has a new promotion for buying miles and the bonus is dependent on the number of purchases made by Mileage Plus members. United had a similar offer in October 2013 (you can read more about it here).


This year United has lowered the number of buyers required to reach the 60% bonus threshold from 4000 to 1500 (the previous promo didn’t reach the max bonus) and it is already (at the time of writing this article) close to 1000 buyers.

DOT Fines United Airlines Up To $350K For Failing To Issue Refunds


The Department of Transportation (DOT) on Friday announces that it had issued a fine of $350,000 for United Airlines failure to issue prompt refunds to passengers. Per the DOT regulation, the airlines are request to process refunds within 7 days for payments made by credit card and in 20 days if paid by cash or check.


The DOT also found that United had filed misleading reports about mishandled bookings and and passengers that were involuntarily bumped off their flights. The under reporting of these incidents made United’s ranking to look better on DOT’s monthly Consumer Air Reports than it otherwise would have. United had also failed to timely report incidents involving animals. United was not fined for these, however.

United Airlines August Buy Miles Offer: 25% Discount (Targeted)

United just sent out targeted offers that may have variable bonus amounts for select MileagePlus members. The offer that I received had the maximum discount of 25% for buying more than 10,000 miles.


Note that, as this is targeted offer, there is no direct link to the offer. (Not that anybody should buy at this price anyway.)

Marriott Gift Card Promotions: What Is The Best Deal?

Marriott currently has three promotions going on for buying with gift cards; one with Amtrak (read more here), another one with United (read more here), and also one with Southwest (read more here).


LoyaltyLobby reader sent me an email to get my opinion what would be the best deal.

United Mileage Plus Shopping Offer: 500 Bonus Miles For $75 Spend

United Mileage Plus shopping has an offer for back to school online purchases and offering one time bonus of 500 miles for spending $75 by August 18, 2013.


There is no need to register for this promotion, but you can access United’s web page for this offer here.

Compensation Clinic: Luggage Delay & Damage By United


This is the Compensation Clinic-series about problems and compensation received during travels. You can email me your story; basically what happened, how did the claims/resolution process went (success/failure) and what did they give you. I will have a new case every Sunday.


LoyaltyLobby reader from Canada sent me an email about the experience he had had with United earlier this year. The passenger was flying from Toronto to San Juan via Houston in business class, but the checked in bag didn’t arrive with the same flight. United had sent it to Newark. When the bag finally arrived, the pull handle had been torn off and the bag basically destroyed.

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