Whine Wednesday: Malaysia Airlines A350 First Class Cabin Retroactively Closed, Passengers Kicked Back To Business Class


Last week I wrote about the opportunity to try the new Malaysia Airlines First Class on short haul routes with Business Class bookings, not knowing this would turn into our Whine Wednesday topic this week.

While Malaysia Airlines initially loaded their seatmaps in a way that allowed Business Class passengers to select seats in First, they now closed that cabin and kicked everybody back to the Business cabin.

Whine Wednesday: Crazy Requirements To Reserve A Seat On China Southern Domestic Flight (Request To Submit The Passport)


This weeks Whine Wednesday is about China Southern Airlines crazy regulation to reserve seats on domestic flights within China which requires to submit your passport for that purpose.

For an upcoming CZ flight from Shanghai to Shenyang I contacted the airline to add my SkyTeam frequent flyer number and reserve a seat, no assuming that this is a huge affair for them.

Whine Wednesdays: Chaotic Repacking Of Duty Free Purchases And Garbage At Seoul Incheon Airport


Travelers heading to Mainland China have a large thirst for Duty Free products from South Korea and usually get rid of all the packaging inside the departure area prior to boarding their flight to have more space for shopping goods.

Unfortunately this often leaves the gate areas in total chaos and while I have so far only read about it, yesterday I had a first hand experience of such an incident at Seoul-Incheon Airport.

Whine Wednesdays: Qatar Airways “Online Payment Verification Email” After Eticket Has Been Issued


This week Whine Wednesdays deals with annoying “Online Payment Verification Emails” that Qatar Airways still seems to be sending to some that purchase tickets from their website.

Whine Wednesdays Qatar Airways Payment Verification U

Years past, it often was a challenge to use credit cards to pay on airline websites and presenting the card used to pay for the ticket was required when checking in.

Whine Wednesdays: Hotels Faking Guest Survey Scores Case Le Meridien Philadelphia


This week the Whine Wednesdays deals with the sometimes annoying emails that you may receive after your stay from hotels that beg for positive feedback in case you happen to receive one of those surveys.

Whine Wednesdays Hotels Faking Guest Survey Scores Case Le Meridien Philadelphia

These surveys are used to measure the hotels performance and sometimes even compliance with standards set by the brand. The hotel may be assessed a fee (read fine) if they fail to meet certain satisfaction goals and hence these emails (usually from properties that have “challenges”).

Whine Wednesdays: Incorrectly Programmed Hotel Phones Case Hilton Sukhumvit Bangkok

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This week the Whine Wednesdays revisits one annoying thing that I come across at hotels semi-frequently and most recently today – misprogrammed phones.

You would think that a hotel that has only been open for four years would have their phones in order? Nope. All the speed dials, including the EMERGENCY, just eventually returns the busy signal.

Whine Wednesdays: High Priced & Low Quality Taxi Service In Phuket, Thailand (Use A Transfer Service Instead!)


This week we have a Whine Wednesday about an ever popular topic, namely bad taxi services and this issue applies especially to Phuket, Thailand where a local ‘taxi mafia’ rules with an iron fist.

Getting a proper and honest taxi can be a bit of an issue in South East Asia (more problematic in Jakarta, Manila and Kuala Lumpur) but in the case of Phuket it’s not the driver who rips you off.

Whine Wednesdays: Credit Card Cloning


This weeks Whine Wednesday deals with annoying issue that most credit card holders face sooner or later; their account has been breached.

WW Fraudulent

While I was in Sao Paulo last week and tried to unsuccessfully withdraw cash from my credit card account, someone else had been using the same card number of times at the gas station in Atlanta.

Whine Wednesdays: Eating Fast Food On The Plane (Don’t, Just Don’t!)


This weeks Whine Wednesday is about one of more aggravating things that can happen to you on a plane, namely your seatmate starting to eat fast fast food (such as burgers) brought onto the plane.

Burgers, hot dogs, takeaway… all these things people like to eat in a proper fast food place where it doesn’t really matter how bad it smells since it’s an open space and you can get out of there quickly.

Whine Wednesday: Low Hotel Standards In North America – Case: Marriott Pinnacle Downtown Vancouver


This weeks Whine Wednesday is about the rather mediocre hotel standards in North America which are always quite apparent when coming back after spending extensive time in Asia or even Europe.

I’ve had a reservation for a one week stay at the Marriott Pinnacle Downtown Vancouver which I ended up cancelling on the spot after a brief look at the room which was offered to me as an ‘upgrade’.

Whine Wednesdays: Hour Long Wait Times At Duesseldorf Airport Security Lines Due To Staff Shortage Of Private Security Firm


This weeks Whine Wednesday is about the situation at Germany’s Duesseldorf International Airport (DUS) where a private security firm (Kötter Security) has a staff shortage on their hands.

The situation is getting out of control and has reached a dangerous peak this week where passengers were standing close to 2 hours in line, many of whom missed their flights due to the long wait.

Whine Wednesdays: Closed Electronic Immigration Counters For EU Passports At Frankfurt Airport


This weeks Whine Wednesday makes a stop at Frankfurt Airport which is always under contruction and never seems to be completed in a coherent way.

The list of inoperative facilities now also includes the electronic immigration barriers in the Terminal 1 B concourse, at least the set on the left side of the immigration area.

Whine Wednesday: Open Diaper Change In Qatar Airways Business Class Cabin


This week’s Whine Wednesday is about something that happened last week on my flight from Doha to Frankfurt in Qatar Airways Business Class: Changing a baby’s diaper in the open cabin.Every aircraft has proper facilities inside the washroom to take care of parents and babies needs which includes a table to change a child’s diaper.

Whine Wednesdays: Feet On The Couch Upholstery While Visiting The Airport Lounge


This weeks Whine Wednesday is about travelers who can’t help themselves but to put their dirty feet and sometimes even shoes on the lounge chairs or couches where others are going to sit after them.

Pictured above are two classy Bali travelers who got comfortable while visiting the Premier Lounge at Denpasar Airport last month.

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