Hilton.com Website Changes – Many Links Not Working

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Hilton has been doing some website updates (definitely needed) and, as a result, there are now lot of links that are not currently resolving correctly (not good).


These links are returning the error message above. I am not sure, if this is only temporarily or that these links are not coming back at all.

How To Fix Your Ticket In Case Of An Airline Strike: Case Finnair


The cabin personnel of Finnair are scheduled to go to on strike this weekend, that would halt most of Finnair’s flights that the airline is not able to crew using management personnel. The latest news is that the strike may not happen, however.


I was supposed to meet a friend in Bangkok that was scheduled to fly on Finnair Flight A095 on Saturday. The flight is not scheduled to be operated if the strike occurs, and the earlier flight to Bangkok that would operate was totally zeroed out in all cabins.

Hyatt Gold Passport Giving Diamond Status For Credit Card Holders?


LoyaltyLobby reader just forwarded me a copy of the email that he had received from Hyatt pushing the credit card sign up.

I have not covered credit card related issues, although do receive reader email about them often. Couldn’t take a pass on this one, however.


Seems that Hyatt is now giving a Diamond level membership for some that apply and get approved for the product. The member that received this offer is already a Diamond, but would have use for easier way to keep the status.

Shangri-La’s Golden Circle Turns 3 Celebration 4th Week – Still Possible To Get 600 Free Points (Enough For $50 F&B Credit)


Shangri-La’s Golden Circle loyalty program turned 3-years old. To celebrate this milestone you can get up to 1,200 free points by signing up for the program, if you are not already a member, and playing a game on computer and depositing a prize code using an Android or iOS mobile app (or on the web) each week for seven weeks.

Note that it is still possible to get 600 points by playing the game for the next three weeks and use the points for a $50 F&B credit. 


You can get 100 free points per week for the next three weeks and additional 100 points for depositing the prize code by using one of the mobile apps.

Hyatt Gold Passport Jet Airways JetPrivilege Double Miles Offer In EMEA + India


Hyatt Gold Passport has a Jet Airways JetPrivilege promotion for 1,000 miles (normally 500) for stays at participating hotels in Europe, Africa, Middle East and India between November 1 and January 31, 2014.


You need to request offer code QJWINT at the time of making the reservation and make sure that the property posts the stay as miles instead of Hyatt Gold Passport points.

WSJ On British Airways Airline Food


There is an interesting piece on the WSJ about the BA’s quest to have better and more tasteful airline food by adding some umami. You can access the WSJ piece here.


The article notes that the food served on the plane has been cooked hours before, then chilled, wrapped and trucked to the plane, where it is later reheated.

Hyatt Gold Passport British Airways Double & Triple Avios Offer

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Hyatt Gold Passport is offering British Airways Executive Club members double or triple Avios for stays at participating properties between November 1 and January 31, 2014, but the stays must be booked by December 31.


You need to request offer code AVIO23 at the time of making the reservation and make sure that the property posts the stay as miles instead of Hyatt Gold Passport points.

Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan Award Chart Change (Effective January 14)


Alaska Airlines is making some relatively minor changes (compared to United & Delta) to its award charts for tickets issues on or after January 14, 2014.


Alaska has emailed some members of their Mileage Plan about these changes, but seems to have skipped some (myself included) with miles on their AS accounts.

Using Points For Natural Disaster Donations: Case Hyatt Gold Passport & Typhoon In The Philippines


You have been living in some other planet, if you have managed the escape the news about the typhoon that hit the Philippines last week and left great devastation behind.


Both Hyatt and United has made announcements of donating cash or points/miles to help the victims. Programs have promised to match the cash donations to a certain limit.

IHG Rewards Club Platinum Fast Track Offer (Targeted)


The other week, I wrote about targeted IHG Rewards Club Gold fast track offer (read more here) that required two nights by December 20, 2013. There is a similar offer for keeping Platinum status as well.


LoyaltyLobby reader forwarded me an email that he received from IHG Rewards Club today and friend of mine mentioned having received it today to, so they must have gone out to quite wide audience.

Whine Wednesdays: Skype & FaceTime Usage In Hotel & Airline Lounges


Increasing number of travelers have mobile gadgets that allow Skype and FaceTime video and voice connections at practically no cost. This is a great way to keep in touch with friends & family members but….


Some don’t appear to realize that I could care less to listen to what is happening in their lives, when they don’t have headsets and have their gadget at full volume and often shouting due to so-so connections.

American Airlines & US Airways Reciprocal Elite Benefits Commence On January 7


The merger between American Airlines and US Airways is expected to close in December. US Airways has indicated that it will have speedy exit from Star Alliance in the first quarter of 2014.


Now, according to an article on USA Today (read more here), the frequent fliers of American and US Airways will start receiving reciprocal benefits on each others flights on January 7, 2014.

United MileagePlus November Miles Sale At Up To 30% Discount (Targeted)


United just sent out targeted offers for up to 30% discount for buying MileagePlus miles by November 18, 2013.


Note that this offer is targeted and the link that United uses has the MileagePlus number embedded.

Singapore Airlines Ups The Checked Luggage Allowance (To Match Emirates)


Singapore Airlines is upping the luggage allowance on its and SilkAir flights to match those of Emirates.


Economy passengers have 30 kg, business class 40 kg, and first class/suite passengers 50 kg limit. Star Alliance Gold members will have additional 20 kg allowance.

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