InterContinental Hotels Group Priority Club Point Earnings When Promotions Are factored In


The beauty of InterContinental Hotel’s Group Priority Club is the continuous and numerous promotions that they are running year-round. You can count on the fact that the number of points that you earn from various promotions, especially if you are mainly having short stays at the InterContinental hotels, far outweighs the number of basic points earned.


Here is an example based on my six IHG stays of this year. Two of the stays were at the Crowne Plaza hotels (one night each) and the four at InterContinental’s. Two of my four IC stays were for two nights.

The number of base points earned is 9684 and points from Platinum/Royal Ambassador and other bonuses 40194. I would also need to factor in the prorated Ambassador Accelerator bonus of 20000 points for 15 IC nights. That would be additional 8000 bonus points. So, 9684 base points and 48194 bonus points and average of 7234 points per night. This is rather typical for Priority Club.

Of course the points are then best used for Point Breaks.  If you play the game right, it is basically pay for one & get one for free.







Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan Status Match


Alaska Airlines is one of the few US airlines that still do straight status matches for their mid-tier MVP Gold status. The main reason for me matching the United Airlines status that I have, is to get the 100% MV Gold redeemable bonus (RDM) for my Emirates flights. I would have earned the MVP Gold status anyway, but would have missed on the 100% RDM bonus during the qualification process.


Back in January, I wrote about the partnership that Alaska and Emirates had signed up, and the ability to earn elite qualifying miles on Emirates flights on Alaska’s Mileage Plan. There are number of other carriers with the same agreement.

Redeeming on Emirates is not possible at this time using miles from Alaska’s program. This function is available later this year. You can redeem Alaska Mileage Plan miles on number of partners of which many are Emirates’ competitors i.e. Air France and British Airways, however.

Personally, I don’t find any reason to keep collecting EQM’s and RDM’s on Emirates’ Skywards program beyond making the Gold status. The only reasonable use for Skywards miles are upgrades from economy to business or from business to first.

Even if you have no plans to set your foot on Alaska’s flight, like I don’t, it doesn’t make using their frequent flier program unwise. BTW there is absolutely nothing wrong with Alaska Airways. It is a thriving airline on the west coast of the United States. If you are flying up and down on the west coast, quite likely you will end up on Alaska’s plane at some point.

Here’s what you need to do to request a status match on Alaska’s program:

1.  Have equivalent status to MVP Gold in competing program. MVP Gold requires 50K EQM.

2. Open an Alaska Mileage Plan account online

3. Send an email to & and attach:

  • Copy of your frequent flyer card
  • Copy of your driver’s license
  • Copy of the online statement from competing airline

4. On the body of the email include your Alaska Mileage Plan number and request status match.

When I emailed the online statement from United, I first received an email that requested a copy of the frequent flier card and a driver’s license.  For some reason I also received an email that request like this cannot be processed by email, and to contact the Mileage Plan by phone. But, this process can be done entire online as well.


After I had replied that I hadn’t received a current card from United yet, they have had quite a few issues sending them out, and included copies of my Continental and United cards from 2011 and detailed account statements from both airlines that showed all the activity, the status of my account was updated the following day to MVP Gold.

American Airlines Double Elite Qualifying Miles for DFW-BOS Promotion BOSEQ

American has had the west coast DEQM/RDM promotion going now for close to six months. Last month American launched a DEQM offer for DFW-LGA flights. Now they are extending the offer for non-stop flights between Dallas/Fort Worth and Boston.


This promotions required registration prior travel and is valid from April 3rd to June 30th, 2012. Please note that this offer only doubles the elite qualifying miles. You won’t earn more redeemable mikes by participating to this offer.

Here are the Terms and conditions of this offer:

Buy Priority Club Points & Get Up To 50% Bonus + Priority Club Platinum Status As Well


InterContinental Hotels Group’s Priority Club is selling points by offering up to 50% bonus on purchased points until April 30th, 2012. The good news about buying points from Priority Club is that they count towards the Priority Club Gold or Platinum status. You can get instants Platinum status by buying 40K points +20K bonus points for a total of 60K Priority Club points for $460.


There are cheaper ways to buy the points. During the Discover America sale you can buy Priority Club points at 10Kpoints for $60, if paid using American Express branded credit card.

You can buy Priority Club points for $60 per 10K year-round by doing Points & Cash redemptions and canceling the reservation afterwards. Priority Club doesn’t reverse the points transaction. What they are doing, is selling you the points and depositing them to your account, and then charging the full number of points required for the award. I have an example of this on my review of the InterContinental Fiji hotel. If you go overboard with this, they might have a look at your account, however.

I probably wouldn’t be buying these, but then I do have a Platinum/Royal Ambassador status with InterContinental Hotels Group/Priority Club. If you don’t have any points to start with and would like to get the Platinum status, this is the fastest way to do it. You can then play around with the Points & Cash redemptions to get more points if needed.

The best way to use Priority Club points are the Point Breaks hotels. I did write about the current offers last week, when the latest list was announced. These are only 5000 Priority Club points per night.

The Terms and Conditions of this offer:

Offer available for purchases made between March 30 and April 30, 2012 inclusive. Bonus points will be awarded upon completion of the transaction. Bonus points will be awarded to the recipient of the points purchase. Offer is subject to change. Offer cannot be combined with any other offer. Only purchases made online are eligible for the bonus.

Price includes all applicable fees. GST/HST will be applied to purchases by Canadian residents. Purchased Points are not refundable and are applicable toward all Priority Club® Rewards awards. Members may purchase a maximum of 50,000 points per calendar year and receive as a gift a maximum of 50,000 points per year. Please allow 24-48 hours for miles to post to appear in the recipient’s account. All other Priority Club® Rewards Terms and Conditions apply.

Buy American Airlines AAdvantage Miles April Edition – 30% Bonus & 15% Discount

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The other day, American sent an email regarding their latest Buy AA miles promotion. You will get 30% bonus and 15% discount off the purchase price, if you make the purchase by noon on Thursday 5th of April. With the bonus & the discount, you can buy 52000 AAdvantage miles for $1035.13. The price of the mile is 2 cents.


The last time American Airlines run a promotion for buying AAdvantage miles the price was 2.2 cents per mile. The current offer thus is better.


Please note that you can only buy 40000 AAdvantage miles per calendar year. If you need to purchase more miles, I would suggest opening an account for an immediate family member. For ticketing purposes it would be better if you share the same last name.


Does it make sense to buy?

The same advice still applies that I gave during the January sale:

When it makes sense to buy miles?

  1. Short on miles for premium international flight award on partner airlines
  2. Oneway travel in markets where OW fares are expensive
  3. Travel that requires flexibility as award tickets can be changed/canceled for a fee/without fee almost like flexible tickets

One of my favorite bright spots on AA’s award chart is the Europe to Middle East/Indian Sub-continent. It is 30K in business and 40K in first class for oneway travel. Now that Etihad is AA’s redemption partner this award has become more useful as Etihad has quite comprehensive coverage of the region.  You could fly from Europe to Maldives in business class for 60000 AAdvantage award miles.

The Australia/New Zealand zone is good way to burn miles too as is the Europe. Both of these markets tend to be expensive unless you can plan your travel far in advance, or travel in the markets where there is competition from low cost carriers.

Here are the Terms and conditions of this offer:

Strategy for 2nd Quarter Hilton Double Your HHonors Promotion – Virgin Atlantic, BMI, and British Airways


The latest Hilton HHonors promotion for double points or miles is valid until the end of June. If you are interested only about Hilton HHonors points, it makes sense to consider crediting stays to Virgin Atlantic and here’s why. With Virgin Atlantic you get 1000 miles per stay for Hilton, Conrad, DoubleTree, Embassy Suite, Hilton Garden Inn, Hilton Grand Vacations and The Waldorf Astoria hotels. Crediting Hampton Inn, Homewood Suites or Home2 Suites to Virgin Atlantic doesn’t make any sense due to lower number of fixed miles earner. I would credit these latter three brands to BMI’s Diamond Club.


Here’s the beauty of Virgin Atlantic’s program. You can transfer Flying Club points to Hilton HHonors points at a ratio of 2 Hilton HHonors points for 1 Flying Club miles. The minimum transaction is 10000 Flying Club points. Alternatively, you can use the miles to book Virgin America flights.



So, a night stay at any of the full earning properties would earn you 2000 Virgin Atlantic miles that would turn into 4000 Hilton HHonors points. This is better than double base points, if your folio amount is $300 or so, as you forego some points when you choose double dip option. This only applies to fixed mile option.


If you are really looking for Avios points out of Hilton, it makes sense to choose BMI as the partner airline. You will earn more than double the number of Diamond Club miles per stay compared to BA’s Avios at minimum. Also, you will earn 1000 BMI miles per DAY up to three days. You earn the same number of BA Avios regardless how many days you stay. British Airways’ parent is in the process of finalizing the deal with Lufthansa to buy BMI. The deal should close later this month. The Diamond Club miles will turn into Avios in not so distant future.

InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG) Priority Club Last Minute Reward Nights Out For April

IHG just released a list of last minute rewards nights for this coming weekend (Friday/Saturday/Sunday) and you need to book them by Thursday night. These last minute rewards nights are offered at 50% discount of the usual number of points needed. This time they have 103 hotels on the list of which only one is InterContinental.


The latest Point Breaks list is out as well. There are quite a few nice hotels that you can book at 5000 Priority Club points per night.

Hilton Award Availability Woes – Premium Room Rewards, Sold Out Situation & Nor1


Yesterday, I was looking to book the Hilton hotel in Colombo (Sri Lanka) where I have been few times in the past. This time, however, the Hilton Colombo and the Hilton Colombo residences were apparently both sold out.

There have been a lot of problems with the Hilton’s website lately. More often than not there are 404 pages, connection issues, and timing outs. Sometimes when the is not working you can use to make a revenue booking. You cannot use the latter website to make an award reservation, however.


First, when I am logged in at and search for availability for April 3rd for one night, there is none.


Then when I check the box for Hilton HHonors availability, it gives an option for Diamond Guarantee room at the Hilton Colombo Residence.


As a matter of fact, it gives an option to choose from three different room types.


But, when I uncheck the Use HHonors points, it shows the room types that are bookable using cash as well, although these were not supposedly first available.



I made the booking and was then presented number of Nor1 upgrade options for cash. I always disregard these. These might be worthwhile if you don’t have Gold or Diamond status with Hilton HHonors. (You can get the Gold status easily by following instructions here or here)


When I checked the reservation today for tomorrow arrival, the hotel had already processed the upgrade to a 3 bedroom business suite.


Then a week later, they have this same suite for 10500 points as a HHonors Special. Makes you wonder?


There is something wrong with the website that doesn’t first show paid availability when you are checking out hotels. As a Diamond member, I have “guaranteed”room availability, if I book at least 48 hours in advance. To get these rates to show up you need first check the box that you are using points and then uncheck it. Also, Hilton has really made using points for hotels like a roller coaster. At this Hilton Colombo Residence the number of required points seems to fluctuate from 10500 to more than 100000 per night.

Discover America Daily Getaway Deals for the First Two Weeks


We now have the details of the deals for the first two weeks of the Discover America. These are brought by the US Travel Association and American Express. You can use any credit card to pay, but you will receive 10% discount if paid using American Express branded card.


Having a quick look there really aren’t any “deals” that I would need to participate in the first two weeks.

Here are three deals that are worth having a look:


1. Priority Club point packages on April 8th

InterContinental Group is selling 10K points for $67, 40K points for $267 & 25K points for $167. You can buy Priority Club points any day by doing cash + money redemption for $60 per 10K Priority Club points. Canceling the reservation doesn’t reverse the point transaction, however.

The benefit of buying Priority Club points through Discover America is that these points will count toward the elite qualification. You can make a Priority Club Platinum by buying 60K points.

2. Avis Chairman’s Club Membership for $1115

This can come handy if you are doing lot of airport rentals. This membership includes an airport drop off and delivery. This could truly be a timesaver. I was actually contemplating buying this membership the other year as I used to rent a lot from Avis.


3. Marriott Travel Cards at 20% Discount When Paid Using Amex

Marriott tends to run promotions for buying Marriott gift cards with number of airlines. You usually get a 10% discount or 10% premium and airline miles. When bought directly from Marriott, you do get the bonus points for buying the card using Marriott branded credit cards. If you buy it from Discover America, the purchase is not coded as Marriott and you lose the bonus points for Marriott purchases.

Marriott has sometimes run promotions that are tied to a type of credit card the bill is used to settle. Marriott Gift cards used to be Visa’s, but no longer. Just a thing to keep in mind.

April Hotel Promotions Update Best Western, Carlson, Choice, Hilton, Hyatt, InterContinental Hotels Group, Marriott, Ritz-Carlton, Starwood & Wyndham

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Here’s the monthly hotel promotions wrap up.

Best Western Rewards

Best Western’s promotion for a $50 travel card won’t start before April 15th. You can also earn Air Canada AeroPlan bonus miles + bonus points for booking online and paying using Best Western MasterCard.

Best Western Rewards Spring Bonus Offer JUMP12 – $50 Travel Card for 3 Stays + Bonus Points & Miles


Carlson Hotels – Club Carlson

No promotions as of now.

Choice Hotels – Choice Privileges

You will earn 8000 Choice Privilege points for every two stays. Note that in lower quality Choice brand a stay is defined as two or more nights for this promotion. This promotion that started on March 8th runs until May 8th.

Choice Hotels Promotion – Stay Two Separate Times & Earn One Free Night


Hilton HHonors

You should sign up for the two promos below. Even if you are Diamond with Hilton, you can still get 40K HH for four Hilton stays.

Register Your Visa and Get 1000 Hilton HHonors Points + 4000 Bonus for Spending $100

Instant Hilton HHonors Gold Status for Visa Infinite Card Holders + 40K HHonors Points After Four Stays (For All?

Hilton’s second quarter promotion is for double points or miles. You need to choose one or the other, and you cannot change your selection.

Hilton HHnors 2nd Quarter 2012 Double Your Honors Promotion – Double Points or Miles


The following promotion expires at the end of this month. You can get a free night certificate after five night resort stay or two after ten. You can also do two give night resort stays.

 ‘Resort Escapes’ Promotion – Free Night Certificate After Five Nights and Two After Ten Nights

Hyatt Gold Passport

Hyatt’s promo that expires at the end of April is for up to 44000 extra Hyatt Gold Passport points after 16 nights.

Spring 2012 Promo – Earn up to 44000 Bonus Points


InterContinental Hotels Group – Priority Club

As always, Priority Club has number of promotions that you should sign for.

Double points or miles end on April 30th.

Double Points or Miles – 2X More


Priority Club 2nd Quarter Stay/Night Bonuses

This time Priority Club has two parallel promotions. One is based on nights and the other is based on stays. You can earn 5000, 10000, or 15000 depending how many nights/stays you have during the promotional period until June 30th, and to which promotion you sign up for.

Three Priority Club Points Promotions That You Should Sign Up For

One is for 1000 bonus points per stay for 90 days after registering (this is the most lucrative if you have number of paid stays), another one is for 3000 bonus points after a stay, and the third one is for 1500 welcome back bonus.

There is a forth one that I have yet written about. It is 1500 Priority Club points after a stay. The promotional code for that one is 5109. I tested it last week when I was staying at an IHG property. It posted without a problem.

Marriott Rewards

Marriott has two promotions running until the end of April. MegaMiles and MegaBonus.

Spring 2012 MegaBonus Announced – Few Variations of the Offer.


MegaMiles Promotion – Earn Up to 50K Bonus Miles

Marriott Rewards MegaMiles

Ritz-Carlton Rewards

You can get two free night certs after four stays. This promotion expires on April 15th.

Ritz-Carlton Rewards – Earn Free Night Certificate After Two Stays Promotion


Starwood Preferred Guest

Starwood promotion Better by the night is expiring on April 8th. We don’t have information about their next move.

Starwood Preferred Guest 1st Quarter 2012 “Better by the Night”–promotion

There is a promotion of 1000 extra Starpoints for booking a Club accommodation at Sheraton hotels and paying using an American Express card.

1000 Bonus Starpoints for Sheraton Club Floor Bookings


Some renovated Sheraton hotels are also offering 1000 bonus Starpoints.

1000 Bonus Starpoints for Staying at a Newly Renovated Sheraton Hotels


Wyndham Rewards

Wyndham has two promotions. One is for North America (US, Canada, and Mexico) and the other one is for rest of the world. In my opinion the rest of the world is better.

Wyndham Rewards Spring 2012 Promotion – Stay 2 Get 2 – Double Points or Miles + Up To 4 Movie Tickets


Wyndham Rewards Spring 2012 Promotion (non-North America) 10000 Bonus Points Every Two Stays – Max 30000 Bonus Points


Etihad Guest Lowers Miles Earned in Discounted Economy, Business, and First Class Up To 50%


Whenever you receive an email from an airline or hotel program that has a title “Changes to the Etihad Guest programme”, you can be 100% certain that there is no good news. This was the case with the Etihad as well. Under this ”enhancement” you are only better if you fly on full fare business or first class. Vast majority of flyers on discounted economy will earn only half what they used to.


Basically, they are moving to the same six tier system that Emirates has been using for a while. The only difference is that Emirates uses zones to determine the number of earned miles where Etihad uses actual flown milesetihad-new-base-earnings

You have different number of miles earner for:

– Discounted Economy 50% (E, U, V, L, Q, M, K)

– Economy 100% (H, B, Y)

– Discounted Business 130% (W, D)

– Business 175% (C, J)

– Discounted First 180% (R)

– First 250% (A, F)

Unless you are flying in on full fare economy, business, or first class, you will earn less miles after this change on June 1st than before. To be frank, Etihad’s program has been generous giving full miles for discounted economy as well, but I think that it has to do of being an underdog compared to the neighboring Emirates out of Dubai.


You will still earn the same TIER MILES or TIER SEGMENTS that are used to determine the status with Etihad’s program. You will get the “base” miles at economy or 1 tier segment, 50% bonus for business or 2 tier segments, and 100% bonus for first or 3 tier segments. You can qualify for the status either by tier miles or segments.


As you can see from the Etihad’s charts above, the only times the new chart is better is when you are flying in full fare business or first. In all other cases the number of miles earned is lower than previously

Wyndham Rewards Spring 2012 Promotion (non-North America) 10000 Bonus Points Every Two Stays – Max 30000 Bonus Points

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The international version of the Wyndham Rewards Spring 2012 promotion, that runs from March 29th to July 12th promotion, is 10000 bonus points for every two stays up to 30000 bonus points. So, you can max this promotion by staying six times. The North American version of this promotion was for double points or miles for the first four stays + movie tickets.


You can transfer 30000 Wyndham Rewards points to number of airlines for 12000 miles.

This international promotion is more lucrative unless your first four stays would cost more than 1500 USD (20 points per dollar = 30000 Wyndham Rewards points) not counting in the value of the movie tickets, and what you would earn for the spent in the non-North America promotion.

If you do six stays and get the 30000 bonus points, the number of bonus miles earned per stay would be 2000 (if you would transfer the points to miles).

My Wyndham Rewards account is based in the United States. I do, however, have an address in the EU as well. I might just transfer my account to Europe to participate to the promotion that is valid for non-North American members.

BTW it doesn’t make any sense to use Wyndham Rewards points for cinema tickets that is part of this promo.

Note the participating locations:  “Participating Hotels” are Ramada®, Days Inn®, Baymont Inn & Suites®, Hawthorn Suites®, Howard Johnson®, Dream®, Night®, Knights Inn®, Microtel®, Travelodge® (U.S. hotels only), Wingate® by Wyndham branded hotels and Super8 – however Super8 China does not participate in this promotion. Wyndham Hotels and Resorts® properties located in Europe, North America, Latin America, the Caribbean and China also participate in this promotion.

The Terms and conditions of this offer:

Wyndham Rewards Spring 2012 Promotion – Stay 2 Get 2 – Double Points or Miles + Up To 4 Movie Tickets


Wyndham Rewards just launched their spring 2012 promotion (United States, Canada & Mexico) that is valid for stays from March 29th to July 8th, 2012 with a check out date no later than July 12th.


There are two separate components for this promotion:

Double Points or Miles:

1. You will receive double points/miles beginning from your first stay if you book the stay at any Wyndham website (,,,,,,,,,,,,, or

2. You can earn double points or miles ONLY for the first four stays during the promotional period.

3. US Airline Carriers (American Airlines, Delta, Frontier, Southwest, United & US Airways), Air Canada & AeroMexico are valid for double miles.

4. This promotion requires registration at and is only valid for US, Canada, and Mexico residents (Wyndham Rewards account address)

Movie Ticket

1. You will receive an email with a code for Hollywood Movie Money certificate up to 24 USD, 24 CAD, or 288 MXP after your second and fourth stay during the promotional period.

2. Valid for US, Canada, and Mexico only.


Should I choose miles or points?

That is always an interesting question. In general hotel points are best used for hotel awards, but sometimes there are promotions from airlines for partner activity i.e. US Airways Dividend Miles. But, even if you prefer miles over Wyndham Rewards points it does make sense most of the time to collect the points and later transfer them to miles.

You earn 10 Wyndham Rewards points per dollar spend except at Hawthorne Suites where you get 5 points per dollar. Both are doubled for the first four stays during this promotional period.

With airline partners the number of miles earned is dependent of the partner. Also, the number of miles earned at Wyndham hotels & Hawthorn is capped at 500 miles per stay.

You can exchange Wyndham Reward points for airline miles. You can get 12000 American Airline miles for 30000 Wyndham Reward points.

If you think, 20 Wyndham points per dollar is essentially 8 American Airlines miles per dollar spend when you transfer in the chunks of 30000 Wyndham Reward points. You only get 4 American Airline miles per dollar if you choose miles instead of points during the promotional period.

At the Wyndham Hotels & Resorts the situation is bit different due to the 500 miles per stay that is doubled to 1000 miles during the promotional period. If your folio is under $125, you are better by choosing the fixed miles (doubled) instead of points.

The situation is yet different at Hawthorne properties that have lowered point earnings of 5 Wyndham reward points per dollar spend. Your folio needs to be in excess of $250 to be better off by choosing double points instead of double miles.

Overall to make things easy, I would say that the reasonable choice is to choose double points, and later transfer them to miles if needed.

The Terms and conditions of this promotion:

European Union Approves Lufthansa’s Sale of BMI to IAG (the Parent of British Airways & Iberia)

The saga involving BMI has been now going on for months if not for years. Back in December Lufthansa and IAG agreed about the sale, but it had to be approved by the European Union Competition Authority due to British Airways’ dominance (53% off the landing slots) at the London Heathrow airport.


Now, the deal is expected to close around April 20th. It is unclear at this point whether the BMI will exit from the Star Alliance on that the day as well. The announcement is unclear. If you have BMI Diamond Club miles left and would like to use them for Star Alliance flights, it would be wise to start booking them now.


It is really sad to see the Diamond Club being swallowed by British Airways’ Executive Club, and my Diamond Club miles turned to Avios points. Although I have flown quite a bit on Oneworld alliance, the Star Alliance has served me better due to the number of airlines and destinations served.

I have loved the flexibility that Diamond Club has given me when redeeming miles. I have done numerous trips in business and first class that wouldn’t have been possible using other frequent traveler programs. I have never considered my BMI award tickets to be “free”, but rather highly discounted business or first class ones due to high taxes and YQ’s.

Now, it is time to get the last BMI Diamond Club award redemptions in. Just did two last night. Still have more than 200K BD DC to play with.

RIP British Midland International & Diamond Club. You will be missed.  (Not so your Indian call center for award tickets that has probably shortened my life by few years)

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