Air Canada Introduces New Name for Its Top Tier Program – Air Canada Altitude


It is the time of the year when hotels and airlines are starting to inform about changes to their program in the coming year. Air Canada was doing market research earlier this year about possible new names and designs to its program. Now, Air Canada has unveiled the program and the benefits associated with various tiers.


Air Canada Altitude Status Requirements

I think that introducing five different elite tiers is going bit overboard. The main difference is the withdrawal of Star Alliance Gold status from those flying less than 50K elite qualifying miles.


There are quite a few changes at various levels. Mainly those that fly less than 75K will lose and those that reach the 75K or 100K level will retain/gain some.

If you are Air Canada member, you should familiarize yourself with the new program and what these changes mean for you. Those eupgrade credits come handy if you are flying a lot on Air Canada and prefer upgrading. Those that fly mainly in business class should consider if the Air Canada’s program is right for them.


I think that the Air Canada’s program is going way overboard by introducing five different elite levels. It is even hard for me to distinguish all the benefits at various levels. Simplicity is usually the key to success.

Lufthansa Creating New European Shorthaul Low Cost Carrier

Lufthansa board made a decision on Wednesday to create a new low cost carrier (LCC) that would handle Lufthansa’s European traffic that doesn’t touch Frankfurt or Munich. Lufthansa plans to merge its existing Germanwings (and probably others too) operations to this new entity. The projected start date for this new airline is January 1st next year.


It is interesting to see how this will play out for Lufthansa. Airlines haven’t been traditionally very successful with the airline within an airline concept. United has its Ted (The End of United as it was called) experiment, Delta had Song, US Airways had Metrojet etc.

There is only handful of successes. Qantas’ JetStar (Death Star per Qantas crews) is doing well as is Singapore Airlines Silk Air subsidiary. It is too early to tell how the latest member of Singapore Airlines airline family, the long distance discount operator Scoot, will do at the end.

Lufthansa’s obvious intention is to lower the cost of their European flying. Do they expect the current employees on these domestic routes just to go to work for the new carrier and take a pay cut in the process?


Many European airlines are claiming that their European routes are not profitable. Some have partially outsourced these to 3rd parties that are flying under the carriers flag i.e. Finnair’s cooperation with FlyBe.

Personally, when I am flying on Lufthansa, I know very well what to expect. If they have a discount carrier working as a feeder airline, how are they going to ensure that the same level of service is maintained? Of course Lufthansa might just forget all the services and just compete on the price.

But then why you wouldn’t just choose to fly one of the real discount carriers like Ryan Air or Easyjet in the first place?

Hertz Marriott Rewards Offer of Up To 5000 Points

Hertz has launched a promotion for up to 5000 Marriott Rewards points per rental of five days or longer. Shorter rentals of more than two days are eligible for 2000 Marriott Rewards points. This offer is valid for pick up until December 31, 2012, in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Europe, and the Puerto Rico.


These car rental promotions are always tricky. I normally rent using rates that are only eligible for points on Hertz’s own rewards programs and not eligible for the miles. You should check if you can save with this offer over regular discount rates and take the Marriott points into equation as well.

Normally, you could use other discount plans as well as long as you include the coupon number (PC#) associated with this promotion.


This is a good offer if it doesn’t inflate the rates over regular discount rates. The offer promises a 35% discount using the CDP associated with this Marriott offer but that is often not the case.

Here are the terms and conditions of this offer:

Terms and Conditions: Advance reservation required.  CDP 154080, PC# 169680 and Marriott Rewards number must be included in the reservation.  Modifying your reservation may result in a change in your rate and/or invalidate this offer.  This offer has no cash value, may not be used with Pre-Pay Rates, Tour Rates or Insurance Replacement Rates and cannot be combined with any other certificate, voucher, offer or promotion.  Offer valid at participating airport and off airport locations in the U.S., Canada, Europe, Mexico and Puerto Rico. Hertz age, driver, credit and qualifying rate restrictions for the renting location apply.  Taxes, tax reimbursement, age differential charges, fees and optional service charges, such as refueling, are not included.  The CDP savings of up to 35% applies to time and mileage charges only; discounts vary by rental date, location and vehicle type.  Points will not be awarded on travel industry rates, wholesale tour packages, insurance/dealer replacement, other promotional rates or group travel.  Offer valid for pickup through 12/31/12.  All Marriott Rewards program terms and conditions apply.

Priority Club Candlewood & Staybridge Suites Promotion for 5000 Bonus Points

Priority Cub has launched a promotion to get people to try two of their extended stay brands; Candlewood Suites and Staybridge Suites.


You will get 5000 bonus points for a two night consecutive stay at any Candlewood or Staybridge Suites property in the United States between now and December 30th, 2012. You will need to register for this promotion at using promotional code 4997 prior the stay posts to your account.

Note that this promotion doesn’t conflict with the 4th quarter stay bonuses that were just introduced.


This is easy 5000 bonus points if you have a consecutive two stay coming at either Candlewood or Staybridge Suites property. The only downside is that this promotion only applies for stays in the United States.

American Airlines Contagious Labor Relations Reason for Cancellations and Delays

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There has been a lot press this week about the recent upsurge on flight cancellations and delays on American Airlines. The first major piece was by Scott McCartney who is a WSJ’s columnist.

American Airlines WSJ Blog Article
American Airlines WSJ Blog Article

The labor relations on American Airlines have been in turmoil already for some time. The pilots have been increasingly dissatisfied with the management and would prefer the airline merging with the US Airways.

American Airlines Elite Email About the Delays
American Airlines Elite Email About the Delays

On September 5 this month the bankruptcy court approved the AA’s motion to reject pilots contract and the current delays & cancellations are, according to American Airlines latest email, due to increase in maintenance write ups from pilots very close to departure time. Most of these maintenance issues could be deferred and dealt with some later time.

American Airlines Departures & Arrivals September 20th
American Airlines Departures & Arrivals September 20th

The numbers for yesterday aren’t pretty. American Airlines cancelled 4.5% of its departures. Both the on time departure at 61% and the on time arrival at 51% are very bad.

Also, American Airlines has decided to trim their September & October flight schedule by 1% to 2%, but they haven’t released a list of canceled flights.

Here’s what an American Airlines is willing to do Gold/Platinum/Executive Platinum members in case of delays of 1 hour or more:

1. Arrange other fight even on competing carrier

2. Receive a refund

If you do not have status with American Airlines, the airline is currently promising the following:

1. Ability to standby for earlier flights

And if your flight has been delayed by more than two hours:

2. Accommodate on other carrier

3. Receive full refund

4. Change your plans without fees

What you should do to avoid being caught with the turmoil?

1. Sign up for email alerts regarding your flights.

2. Check the flight status online using my itineraries.

3. Check the flight status on website. Sometimes flight cancellations are posted there earlier.

4. Be aware of alternate options even on other carriers.

5. If you are at the airport when cancellation happens, you may have better luck getting rebooked at the Admirals Cub.

6. If you have status with AA, try calling the elite number behind your card. Be warned that the wait times can be long at times.

7. If you get rebooked on other carrier, ask AA to print out the flight coupon on paper i.e. paper ticket. I had AA rebook me the other year but the process didn’t go right. Continental was not able to pull up the ticket and I had to ask AA to print it on paper.

8. Try booking flights without connections if possible. Lot of flights are delayed and can cause misconnects. Yesterday only 51% of the flights arrived on time.

On the positive side, if you get rebooked on alternate carrier, you can get EQM’s (Elite Qualifying Miles) and RDM’s (Redeemable Miles) on both carriers. If you get rebooked on Delta, United, US Airways etc, remember to have alternate frequent flier number handy for those flights. Later, you need to call American Airlines and request an original routing credit.


United Airlines has operational issues since the merge with Continental Airlines. Now, American Airlines is having problems with its pilot union. It is not nice when you get caught in the middle and inconvenienced during your travels. Eventually this will be over and American will be back to its regular operations.

My Priority Club Rebate Submission Problem

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Priority Club has been running very good promotions this year. I have written about two rebate promotions that they have had. One was for weekend stays and included a $75 rebate and the other one was for weekday stays for $50 rebate for a two night stay.


I have done quite a few rebates in the past and, quite frankly, hate doing them. This is really why the companies love them. People take the rebates into account when they are making the purchase decision, but forget to follow up with the requirements later when it comes to time to submit them.


In my case I maxed out the weekend promotion as I had four stays of two days or longer and I had one submission for the weekday promotion as well.  The total rebate amount is $350 so it was definitely worth spending some time filling out the forms and mailing out the required documents.

I had saved all the receipts for the hotel stays, but it took a while to find them all. I have quite a few hotel folios saved. I decided also to include copies of the reservations I had made.

Steps that I had to take:

1. Find the original confirmation email that I had registered for the promotion. Print one copy for each rebate submission.

2. Fill out the rebate forms and submit them online. Print out the forms.

3. Attach the hotel folio(s) and the reservation confirmation(s).

4. Make sure that you are attaching the right folios and rebate submissions.

5. Put them each of the rebate submissions to their own envelope.

6. Take them to the post office.

I was in Sao Paulo and it took about an hour to get all these ready. Luckily, I was able to use the laser printer at the Grand Hyatt Sao Paulo to print out the rebate forms and reservation emails. The post office was also nearby.

Quite frankly I wouldn’t have bothered with these rebates, but the fulfillment was done by a company called Parago/RebatesHQ. I knew from my previous experience with them that, if they mistakenly invalidate the rebate submission, a phone call or an email will get them to revalidate the submission as an one time courtesy.


It took about two weeks for them to receive the submission and process them. I received an email confirmation that they had received and processed each of the rebates that I had submitted. They had invalidated four out of the five submissions that I had done. I wasn’t surprised about this at all.


They had an option to chat over the web and I was able to get all the four submissions validated over one session. The person dealing with the issue was able to see that they had misprocessed the rebates. Now, I am only waiting for the “processing” period to end.


Rebate promotions are not my favorite ones, but you can save quite a bit by taking advantage of them. You just need to make sure that you are following the rebate rules by the letter and keep copies of all the documents submitted.

Often rebates come back as invalid for one reason or another. This is just part of the game. You need to call, email, or chat and have them to revalidate them.

Hilton Award Availability Woes: Case Hilton Moorea

I have been in the Polynesia for the past week. Flew from Cape Town to Easter Islands via Johannesburg, Sydney, Auckland, and Santiago, and then took that once weekly LAN Easter Island to Papeete fight on Monday. This is my first time in Tahiti and thought that I would check out few hotels out while I am here. I have been to a few of the Pacific islands before; Cook Islands, Western Samoa, Fiji, Tonga, and of course Hawaii. There are quite a few small ones still left to visit.

Hilton Moorea
Hilton Moorea

There are no Hyatt or Marriott options in French Polynesia. InterContinental has three resorts in Tahiti, Moorea, and Bora Bora. Hilton has one in both Tahiti and Bora Bora and both of these used to be under the Sheraton flag. Starwood has Le Meridien in Tahiti and both Le Meriden and St. Regis hotels in Bora Bora. Radisson also has a Radisson Plaza hotel in Tahiti. There is a Sofitel in Tahiti that is closing at the end of November but the ones in Moorea and Bora Bora will stay open.

So, I decided against flying to Bora Bora as I was going to be here only for five nights including very late arrival and an equally early departure. I did, however, wanted to check out the Moorea island as well that is about half an hour ride using a catamaran from Papeete.

Unfortunately the InterContinental hotel there was sold out this week and I couldn’t find any availability either using points or cash. I wasn’t too sure about my schedule here so I didn’t book any of the hotels in advance.

Hilton Moorea Award Availability
Hilton Moorea Award Availability

Here my problem with the Hilton starts. I was searching for award availability for the Moorea Hilton for Tuesday this week. When I am not logged in, the website shows the basic level room available and the cash and the points (50K HH) price associated with it. When you try to book the room, the availability using points vanishes once you are logged in, however. I tried to book it using number of different browsers but the end result was always the same; availability was shown but it was gone once I logged in.

Hilton Moorea No Longer Available
Hilton Moorea No Longer Available

Thing to note here is that there has been some controversy in the past with ecommerce sites that are discriminating based on operating system i.e. Mac users are shown higher priced options or in the case on Amazon the prices were dependent of the browser used.

Hilton Moorea Award Availability Display
Hilton Moorea Award Availability Display

Anyway, I thought that this was a glitch and called the Hilton HHonors Diamond line as I wasn’t ready to pay the “Premium Room Reward” price of 172K points per night for Panoramic over water villa. The lady who answered the Diamond special services was not able to see any other availability than the Panoramic over water villa and I requested her to transfer me to the supervisor.

My call with the Diamond line ended up taking 57 minutes. Yes. 57 minutes. The supervisor that I got at the Hilton Guests Assistance line was borderline rude first. She was just claiming that the hotel had sold out the rooms that are available using points. When I pointed out that the hotel was still selling the room type that these award rooms book into, she was just claiming that the hotel must have sold out the number of rooms that they have allocated for points and there is nothing that she can do about it.

Hilton Reward Stays 4
Hilton Reward Stays 4

I then asked her to have a look at the terms and conditions of the Hilton HHonors and she told me that she is well aware of them. I pointed out that under the Hilton HHonors Terms and conditions Hotel Reward stays Number 4 it states that “Reward stays are not subject to blackout dates and capacity controls”. If hotel would be only allocating certain number of their base rooms for awards, this would constitute capacity controls. She was claiming that it is not what this terms and conditions met.

Hilton Reward Stays
Hilton Reward Stays

She was pointing out to the 2 a. Standard Room Rewards. She was claiming that “Members can use HHonors points to book a standard room, as defined by each hotel and subject to availability”.  According to her all the rooms that the hotel had allocated for award redemptions were gone.

This went on for like 20 minutes. I was almost starting to lose my patience. It was clear that the hotel had the room type available that the awards book into and the availability was shown before I had to log in.

Finally, she realized that there was indeed a problem when she tried to search for availability without any Hilton HHonors number plugged in. She was also able to see the room available for points but it always disappeared after inputting the number. She was not sure where the problem was.

I was on hold for extensive period of time while they were trying to sort this out. At the end, they were not able to book the room that was show on the She claimed to have even called the hotel and was told that they were sold out. Obviously this was not the case as they were still selling rooms that the award should book into. I then requested if they could just switch a paid booking that I could do to a points one as there was obviously a problem somewhere in their system. This was not possible according to her.

At the end, I just ended up extending my stay at the InterContinental Tahiti for an additional day and booked the Hilton Moorea for another day this week. As a matter of fact I am just writing this from a Panoramic over water villa at the Hilton Moorea that I got as an upgrade for being a Hilton HHonors Diamond member.


There are occasional glitches with award availability, but I have always been able to book the award previously. Normally, you just need to try logging in/out and/or to use a different browser. This didn’t work out on this case.

I was surprised how little the person working for the Hilton Guests Assistance knew about the program. Arguing about award availability and something that totally contradicts what is posted as the terms and conditions of the program, is not the wisest approach.

US Airways Dividend Miles September 100% Buy Miles Bonus Offer

US Airways had a similar targeted offer last month, but this time the offer is open for everyone. It seems that they now have these sales almost every month.


This offer has been going on since the beginning of the month, but they just got an email out about the offer. You can access this offer by following this link. The offer is valid until September 30, 2012/


The price of a miles bought under this offer is 1.88 cents each.


Does it make sense to buy Dividend Miles at 1.88 cents each?

US Airways has number of promotions yearly for buying, gifting, and transferring in points from hotel programs to Dividend Miles. This 1.88 cents per mile is about the lowest price that they have had in the recent past.

If you have firm plans to use these miles and the availability exists on Star Alliance carriers, I would go ahead and buy.

US Airways has recently started to block some/all first class award availability on Lufthansa and Swiss.

Here are the terms and conditions of this offer:

The 100% bonus offer is non-transferable and is applicable on purchases made between September 1 – 30, 2012, 11:59 MT. All purchases are non-refundable. The maximum number of Buy or Gift miles that can be purchased through this offer is 50,000 miles. Share transactions are not eligible.Offer is subject to change. Offer cannot be combined with any other offer. Only purchases made online are eligible. Miles purchased through Buy, Share or Gift Miles do not count towards Dividend Miles Preferred status. All other Dividend Miles Terms and Conditions apply. Please note that Dividend Miles accounts less than 12 days old are not permitted to Buy, Share or Gift miles. Award seats are capacity controlled and may not be available for the requested dates or mileage amounts.

Miles are sold for $0.035 per mile plus a tax recovery charge of 7.5%. GST/HST will be charged to Canadian residents. Miles purchased through Buy, Share or Gift Miles do not count towards Dividend Miles Preferred status. All other Dividend Miles Terms and Conditions apply. Miles may be used based on award availability at the time of booking. Please note that Dividend Miles accounts less than 12 days old are not permitted to Buy, Share or Gift Miles. All purchases are non-refundable.

Country Inns & Suites Bonus Offer: Stay for Two Consecutive Nights and Get a Free Night Certificate


Country Inns & Suites just announced their fall 2012 promotion for a free night certificate for every two night consecutive stay from Sunday to Thursday between October 1 and November 29, 2012, in the United States and Canada. The free night certificate can be used between December 15 and February 15, 2013, in the participating location in the same two countries.


Here’s what you need to do to get a free night:

1. Book a two night or longer consecutive stay Sunday – Thursday.

2. You need to book “Free Night Fall Promotion” rate. The promotional rate code is FALLSTAY.

3. Stay needs to be booked at least 3 days in advance,

4. You need to register the eligible stay. You will receive an email instructions how to do the registration by email after your stay.

5. You will receive the certificate by mail to the address you gave during the registration process

6. You can book the free stay on Club Carlson’s website using promotional code FREESTAY at least 3 days in advance of your stay.

7. You need to hand in the certificate when you check in

They certainly make you go through some hoops to collect the free night. Previously, Club Carlson has been offering bonus points and not certificates on their free night promotions.


Here’s how you can search for the “Free Night Fall Promotion” rate. Make sure that you have FALLSTAY code on the promotional code field. You can do the reservation using any Club Carlson website.


You will then get a rate display like the one above. The promotional rate appears to be the same as the Best Flexible Rate that is rarely the lowest. At least they haven’t inflated the rate that qualifies for the free night certificate.

You should use one of the cahback portals like MrRebates, eBates, TopCashback etc to get some cashback for your stay as well. This won’t affect the eligibility of the free night promotion and you will also earn the normal number of points for your stay. I have used both MrRebates and TopCashback for my recent Club Carlson stays as they have offered the highest payout. If you are not a member and sign up using the links above, I will get a bonus and so will you.


This is a nice promotion from Club Carlson’s Country Inns & Suites. I am not huge fan of promotions that requires you to go through number of steps to collect a rebate or a free night. But on this case, it is probably worth it as the rate that you are required to book to be eligible for the award is not more than the Best Flexible Rate.

Here are the terms and conditions of this offer:

The Free Night Fall Promotion (“Promotion”) offers a Free Night Fall Reward Certificate under the conditions described below and is available for new reservations at participating Country Inns & Suites By Carlsonsm hotels in the U.S., and Canada for Eligible Stays arriving beginning October 1, 2012, and completed by November 30, 2012 (“Promotion Period”). An Eligible Stay is defined as a stay of two (2) or more consecutive nights Sunday through Thursday during the Promotion Period at the same hotel for which the guest specifically booked the Free Night Fall Promotion rate. Minimum 3 day advance reservation required for an Eligible Stay. Promotion may not be used in conjunction with any other package, promotion, group or convention rate, or any other discounted rate.

In order to receive the Free Night Reward Certificate (“Certificate”), guests must: (1) complete an Eligible Stay; and (2) register the Eligible Stay online with their confirmation number, name, and complete mailing address (“Registration”). Guest will receive an email approximately two weeks after their Eligible Stay with Registration instructions. Registration must be completed and received on or before 11:59 PM CST December 22, 2012 to be eligible to receive Certificate. Certificate will be mailed to the guest at the mailing address provided during Registration within two weeks of completing the Registration.

County Inns & Suites By Carlson is not responsible for interrupted or unavailable network, server or other connections, miscommunications, computer hardware or software or technical failures, Internet Service Provider/network/website accessibility or availability, garbled or jumbled transmissions or other errors of any kind, whether human, mechanical or electronic; including without limitation the incomplete, incorrect or inaccurate capture of Registration information; or (2) lost, misplaced, or stolen Certificates, whether via mail or otherwise.

Certificate is valid for one free night in a standard room, single or double occupancy, at a participating Country Inns & Suites By Carlson hotel in the U.S or Canada for stays arriving between December 15, 2012 through February 15, 2013 (“Certificate Stay”). Minimum 3 day advance reservation required for Certificate Stay. Certificate is subject to availability and certain restrictions, including blackout dates, may apply and additional extra person charges may apply if exceeding double occupancy. Certificate is non-transferable and cannot be sold. Certificate and promotional code “freestay” must be mentioned at the time of reservation for the Certificate Stay; if by phone at 800-456-8000, or must be booked online at using promotional code “freestay”. Name on the reservation for the Certificate Stay must be same as on the Eligible Stay. Original Certificate must be presented at check-in in order to receive the free night. Reservations for Certificate Stays will be accepted beginning November 1, 2012. Certificate may not be used in conjunction with any other package, promotion, group or convention rate, or any other discounted rate or existing reservations. Gold Points will not be awarded for Certificate Stay. Certificate applies to standard room charges and tax and does not include incidental charges, services charges and gratuities. Participating hotels are subject to change without notice and the number of rooms available for the Certificate Stay at participating hotels may be limited. Country Inns & Suites By Carlson reserves the right to add, modify or discontinue the Promotion with or without notice. Void where prohibited by law. By participating in this Promotion, you agree and consent to these terms and conditions.

Accor A-Club / Le Club Accohotels Instant Platinum Status for New Accounts Still Available


Accorhotels has had number of promotions for a complimentary Platinum status in their Le Club-program. These offers are targeted, but if you sign up using the right offer, you will get the complimentary Platinum status too.

Please note that this offer is still available. If you think that you might need Platinum status in the next 12 months, it would be better to sign up now.


You can read about my Platinum experiences at Mercure Nadi in FijiNovotel Suva Lami Bay in Fiji, and Hotel Muse in Bangkok. I recently stayed at the Pullman hotel in Bali and have uploaded the review video on YouTube.


Last time, after I had the offer up, it was all over the internet in couple of hours and the sign up offer was disable in less than a day. This time I am trying to preserve this offer longer for LoyaltyLobby readers.

Here’s what you need to do get the sign up link:

1. Sign up for the blog email updates and just reply to the welcome email that you would like to get the Accor Platinum sign up offer.


2. Follow us on Twitter and send me a tweet. I will follow you back and send the sign up link using a direct message.


3. Like us on Facebook and send me a message for the link.

Please note that I am sending the links manually. You may get it almost instantaneously or it may take up to 12 to 14 hours.


If you have an old A-Club account, you need to make a decision whether opening a new account is worthwhile for you. Please note that you cannot use an existing email address that is on file with A-Club for signing up a new account.

Here is a quick look at the Le Club Accorhotels Platinum benefits:

A|Club Platinum status

With 60 nights or 25,000 A|Club points.

– 100% A|Club points bonus for every stay
Exclusive benefits at Sofitel*, Pullman and MGallery hotels.
– Welcome drink and gift
– Room upgrade**
– Late check-out up to 4:00 pm**
– A room always available if you reserve at least 3 days before your arrival.
– A Thalassa sea & spa Institute beauty and treatment product when you stay at Sofitel Thalassa sea & spa
– A welcome gift for any stay of 10 nights or more at Adagio, plus late check-out**
– Dedicated customer service

* Except Thalassa sea & spa
** upon request, and subject to availability


If you are planning to stay at an Accor property in the next 12 months, there is really no downside to take advantage this offer. You may be able to use the status to do a status match with a program like Club Carlson also.

Hyatt September Edition of the 48 Hour Sale – C48SEP

Hyatt is having their monthly 48 hour sale where you can save 15% to 30% off of best available rates (BAR). Sometimes you can save quite a bit of money and sometimes you cannot. These rates are valid at selected US, Canada, and Caribbean hotels between October 3 and January 7, 2013. The promotional dates for individual properties may vary. You need to book this offer by 11:59PM CDT on September 19, 2012.


Sometimes it is actually better to book an AAA rate that might include some extras like a complimentary breakfast. AAA rates are also normally not prepaid and cancellable.


I would only book this rate if it is significantly cheaper than refundable rates as plans often change. This sale is a monthly one from Hyatt and these “sale” rates are often not that great. Have a look at your upcoming Hyatt reservations to see if there are opportunities to save.

Here are the terms and conditions of this offer:

Offer valid for bookings only between 12:01 a.m. on Tuesday September 18th and 11:59 p.m. on Wednesday September 19th Central Daylight Time, for travel between Wednesday October 3, 2012 and Monday January 7, 2013 at participating Hyatt Hotels & Resorts, Park Hyatt and Andaz properties in the U.S., Canada, and the Caribbean. Reservations are subject to availability and must be made in advance. Full non-refundable prepayment required at time of booking. Offer is for a limited time only. Simply request offer code C48SEP when you book your reservation and pay the 48 Hour Sale rate. Discount is off the Hyatt Daily Rate for the room type requested at time of booking. Rate is per room, per night, excluding service charges, taxes and other incidental expenses. Rate is based on double occupancy. Additional guests may be subject to additional hotel charges. Additional charges apply to room-type upgrades. A limited number of rooms are allocated to this promotion. Full, non-refundable, Prepayment due at time of reservation. No changes, amendments or cancellations allowed. Changing to a different property is considered a cancel and re-book, and is non-refundable. Canceled reservations and no shows will forfeit the full prepayment. Promotional blackout periods may apply due to seasonal periods or special events, and normal arrival/departure restrictions apply, including, but not limited to, minimum length of stay and day of week restrictions. Offer may not be combined with other offers or discounts. Hyatt reserves the right to alter or withdraw this program at any time without notice. Hyatt Hotels & Resorts® encompasses hotels managed, franchised or leased by subsidiaries and affiliates of Hyatt Hotels Corporation. The trademarks Hyatt®, Hyatt Hotels & Resorts®, Park Hyatt®, Andaz®, Grand Hyatt®, Hyatt Regency®, Hyatt Place®, Hyatt House™ and related marks are trademarks of Hyatt Corporation. ©2012 Hyatt Corporation. All rights reserved.

Priority Club One Time Bonuses September 2012


This is a monthly update of Priority Club one time promotions that are valid. These are all combinable with other promotions as long as they are not conflicting. If the code doesn’t work for you, you have signed up for the same or variant of the same promotion previously. You can read more about different Priority Club promotions here and about what you might expect to earn for a new account here.

Priority Club Surveys for 2000 Points or More

There are number of surveys that you can do in number of different languages for a quick 2000 Priority Club points, if you haven’t done any of them earlier. This is a quick way to get some points. My points posted immediately.

Priority Club Welcome Survey for 1000 Bonus Points

Not sure what is going on with this promotion, but you can try to see if it works for you.

Install (Not Required) Priority Club Shopping Toolbar & Get 300 Points

You can get easy 300 points by installing a Priority Club shopping toolbar.

You can register for the following promotions at You need to have the email address associated with the Priority Club OR the Priority Club account number available AND the four digit code associated with the promotion.

Anniversary Bonus Offer – 6102 – 1000 Bonus Points

This is most lucrative of the offers. You will get additional 1000 Priority Club points per stay for 90 days after your sign up.  Just enroll just before your first stay to maximize the earning period.

1000 Bonus Points for 60 Days – 8108 – 1000 Bonus Points

You will receive 1000 bonus Priority Club points per stay for the next 60 days after registering for this promotion. Just enroll just before your first stay to maximize the earning period.

Elite Member Next Stay Bonus – 5221 – 3000 Bonus Points

This promotions is for Gold or Platinum members of Priority Club. You will get 3000 bonus Priority Club points for your next stay. You will need to have the stay within 90 days after signing up. You can only earn this once.

Elite Member Next Stay Bonus – 7489 – 3000 Bonus Points NEW

This is another 3000 bonus points for an elite member. You need to be a Gold or Platinum member to be eligible for this bonus. You need to do the stay within 90 days of registering for this offer.

Welcome Back Bonus – 2120 – 1500 Bonus Points

You will get 1500 Priority Club bonus points for one stay after signing up. You need do stay within 90 days.

New Member Bonus – 3107 – 1500 Bonus Points

This is a new member bonus, but works for existing members as well. You will get onetime 1500 Priority Club bonus points after signing up. You need do stay within 90 days after registration.

Next Stay Bonus – 5109 – 1500 Bonus Points

This should be open for elite and non-elite members. You will get onetime bonus of 1500 Priority club points after a paid stay. The stay must be within 90 days after registration.

Weekend Stay Bonus – 3136 – 5000 Bonus Points

This should be open for all. You will get 5000 Priority Club bonus points for a two night weekend stay. Weekend is typically defined Friday/Saturday/Sunday nights. The stay must occur before the end of 2012. This promotion may require your Priority Club access to be in the United States. The promotion did post for me after a while. This promotion can be done several times.

Platinum 5000 Bonus – 3168 – 5000 Bonus Points

Not sure exactly how this works, but here’s the info about this offer: We’re pleased you have continued to stay with us and are now even closer to earning exclusive Platinum Elite benefits and 5,000 bonus points. All you need to do is register and stay with us 5 more nights before 30th November 2012. It would be our pleasure to reward your loyalty with exclusive Platinum Elite benefits. Keep staying with us and you’ll soon be there. We look forward to helping you make it to the top: Platinum Elite status!


Make sure that you have signed up for the all above promotions. It is very easy to get thousands of extra Priority Club points for taking advantage of these numerous offers.

US Airways Star Alliance 15 Year Offer for Up To 25K Bonus Miles for 6 Partner Airlines

Star Alliance turned 15 this year and airlines like Air Canada have been offering bonuses based on the number of Star Alliance carriers one flies. Now, US Airways is offering up to 25K bonus miles for flying on six partner airlines.


The number of bonus miles you can earn is staggered:

1. 3 partners = 2500 bonus miles

2. 4 partners = 5000  total bonus miles

3. 5 partners = 15000 total bonus miles

4. 6 partners = 25000 total bonus miles

You need to register for this offer that is valid through December 15, 2012, and have at least one qualifying flight on US Airways in order to be eligible for this bonus.

Thing to note here is that not all the fare classes on partner airlines are eligible for mileage credit. You have to make that you have booked an eligible class to qualify for the credit and later for this promotion.


If you are crediting fights to US Airways and have fight coming up on Star Alliance carriers, it might make sense to participate to this promotion. Just make sure that the fare class on the Star Alliance carrier is eligible for credit on US’ program. Eligible fare classes vary from program to program.

It is nice to see carriers having promotions that are tied to the 15th anniversary of the alliance.

Here are the terms and conditions of this offer:

*Registration required. Registration begins on September 10, 2012 and will continue until December 15, 2012. All travel must take place between September 10, 2012 and December 15, 2012. All Dividend Miles terms and conditions apply. US Airways reserves the right to interpret and apply promotion rules. This promotion is not a game of chance, lottery or contest. The mileage amount earned is cumulative; the maximum miles an individual can earn in this promotion is 25,000. The bonus miles awarded are not Preferred-qualifying miles, however flight miles earned on Star Alliance partners are Preferred-qualifying. At least one US Airways flight must be flown September 10 – December 15, 2012 and each carrier is counted only once during the promotion period. For example, multiple segments flown on United only count as one partner. Once bonus miles are earned, the miles will post 7-14 days after flight activity is completed, however flight miles earned on partner airlines will take longer. Only segments in an eligible mileage accrual class will be counted toward the promotion, award tickets will also not be counted. Members may only participate in the promotion with one Dividend Miles account. If a member is found to be participating with multiple Dividend Miles accounts, all bonus miles earned from the promotion will be forfeited and removed from the member’s account. Retro requested miles will count toward the promotion if requested before June 15, 2013. US Airways is not responsible for the quality or delivery of goods and/or services provided by Dividend Miles partners. All Dividend Miles partner terms and conditions apply. Flight purchases can be made on Your Dividend Miles number must be entered at time of booking.

US also has a frequently asked questions on their website about this promotion:

Frequently Asked Questions


What is the Star Alliance Bonus Miles promotion?

Who can participate?

How do I register?

I didn’t find out about this until after the promotion began, can I still register and participate?

If I register after September 10th will I receive credit for partners flown since then?

What does “qualifying flights” mean?

Does my flight on US Airways need to be on the same PNR as the Star partner flight(s)?

If I fly on three star Alliance partners, US, LH and UA. Why wouldn’t I receive bonus miles on all three?

When will the bonus miles post?

Will I receive retro bonus miles?

Do the bonus miles count toward Preferred status?

What is the total amount of bonus miles that I can receive?

Will I receive the bonus miles if my PNR contains travel on both non-Star and Star partners?

Are bonus miles awarded by segment?

What if my trip starts on December 13th but doesn’t end until December 20th, will I receive bonus miles for the Star partner flight on December 20th?

Star Alliance Mileage Promotion answers


What is the Star Alliance Bonus Miles promotion?

This is a flight promotion that gives Dividend Miles members bonus miles for flying on qualifying Star Alliance partner flights. The more partners you use, the more miles you’ll earn.


Who can participate?

Anyone who has a US Airways Dividend Miles Account and registers for this promotion can participate.


How do I register?

Registration begins on September 10, 2012. To register go to


I didn’t find out about this until after the promotion began, can I still register and participate?

Yes. Registration must be completed before December 15, 2012.


If I register after September 10th will I receive credit for partners flown since then?

Yes, once registered, all mileage accrued on qualifying Star Alliance partner flights from September 10th – December 15th will be counted.


What does “qualifying flights” mean?

Travel must be on revenue tickets using booking codes that qualify for receiving miles. If you’re unsure if the booking code qualifies, please view the Star Alliance carriers page and choose the airline you flew on.


Does my flight on US Airways need to be on the same PNR as the Star partner flight(s)?

No. You need fly at least one US Airways segment during the promotion period, but it does not need to be on the same PNR as the Star partner flights.


If I fly on three star Alliance partners, US, LH and UA. Why wouldn’t I receive bonus miles on all three?

US does not count as a partner. However, in order to receive bonus miles on LH and UA a US flight must be flown.


When will the bonus miles post?

Your bonus miles will post about 7-14 days after your flight but the flight miles from the Star Alliance partner may take longer. The mileage postings are cumulative so when you fly 2 partners you will see 500 miles added to your account and when you fly another partner (for a totally of 3 partners) you will see an additional 2,000 miles added to your account (for a total of 2,500 bonus miles), etc.


Will I receive retro bonus miles?

Yes, members who are registered can earn the bonus miles via retro mileage requests up to 6 months after the promotion period ends (June 15, 2013)


Do the bonus miles count toward Preferred status?

No, bonus miles earned in the promotion do not count toward Preferred status, however the flight miles earned on Star Alliance partners do.


What is the total amount of bonus miles that I can receive?

A member can receive a maximum of 25,000 for traveling on 6 or more Star partners.


Will I receive the bonus miles if my PNR contains travel on both non-Star and Star partners?

Yes, a PNR with both non-Star and Star partners will be eligible for the promotion. Non-Star partner flights do not count toward the promotion.


Are bonus miles awarded by segment?

No, each airline code is counted only once for the entire promotion period (multiple segments on the same airline count as one airline).


What if my trip starts on December 13th but doesn’t end until December 20th, will I receive bonus miles for the Star partner flight on December 20th?

You will only receive bonus miles on qualifying flights between September 10th and December 15th. Any flight after that time will not receive bonus miles.

US Airways Offering Double Preferred Qualifying or Redeemable Miles

US Airways just launched a promotion for double bonus miles if booking is made using a MasterCard. If you use your US Airways MasterCard to pay, you will receive double preferred qualifying miles instead.


This promotion is valid for ticket purchased made at from September 17 to October 31, 2012, and for travel by December 31, 2012. You need to register for this promotion.

The promotion terms are somewhat unclear. You can book travel on partner airlines and codeshare fights on I would expect only fights on US Airways metal to count to this promotion, although that is not clearly spelled out. Also, if you use your US Airways MasterCard to pay, you will only receive double preferred qualifying miles instead of double bonus miles for regular MasterCard users.


If you are in need of US Airways Preferred Qualifying Miles (PQM’s) and have US Airways branded MasterCard, it is no brainer to take advantage of this promotion. If you are in no need of PQM’s, you can just use a regular MasterCard to pay and get double bonus miles instead.

Here are the rather short terms and conditions of this promotion:

Registration is required. You must purchase a ticket on September 17 – October 31, 2012 for travel September 17 – December 31, 2012. Use a valid MasterCard card to get double miles or use a valid US Airways Dividend Miles MasterCard card to get double Preferred-qualifying miles on flight activity. US Airways will award miles 6 – 8 weeks after travel has been completed. All Dividend Miles terms and conditions apply. MasterCard and the MasterCard Brand Mark are registered trademarks of MasterCard International Incorporated.

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